How To Tell If You Have A Big Forehead

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A forehead is a gap that exists between the hair on your head and the eyebrows. While big foreheads are common for men, women also experience the same. Many women with foreheads believe that they make them look awkward. Other people believe that a big forehead will make them look older. However, there is nothing wrong with a high forehead since it can be considered a sign of beauty. Read on to learn how to tell if you have a big forehead.

What is Considered a Big Forehead

There are different things that you should consider if you want to tell if you have a big forehead. The following are some of the factors that you can consider to tell if your forehead is big.

Average Forehead Size

The normal size of a male forehead is 2.8 inches or 7.1cm. The average size of a female forehead is 2.4 inches or 5.8 cm with a standard deviation of about 0.6 cm. In other words, you can tell that you have a bigger forehead if its height is greater than these measurements. When you have a wider face, your forehead is technically broad. Foreheads for men tend to recede over time but this is not common among females.

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The Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face also has a bearing on the size of your forehead. The gap between the tip of the outermost hairline and the eyebrows is the average height of your forehead. The following are the most common shapes of faces that determine the types of foreheads for different people.

  • Round- The hairline on your forehead looks like a circle
  • M-Shaped- The center of the forehead forms a triangular point whereas the right and left corners form a sharp angle just. The shape looks like an “M” where the center forms the top part of the hairline.
  • Rectangular- This type of forehead is commonly found on people with narrow faces.
  • Triangular –The sides of the forehead slope inwards and they meet at the center of the forehead giving a shape of an upright triangle.

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Finger Lengths – How to Know If You Have a Big Forehead

You can also use your finger lengths to estimate the average size of your forehead. However, this method might not be very accurate since people have different types of fingers. The average breadth of a male hand is 3.5 inches (8.9cm) and 3.1 inches (7.8cm) in females. In both males and females, the average size of a forehead is about the width of four fingers.

Finger Lengths - How to Know If You Have a Big Forehead

The size of your hand is more accurate than using fingers. A male forehead should be approximately 80% of your entire hand including the thumb. You should measure your hand from the little finger to the thumb. The same rule applies for females and the average size of the forehead is roughly 80% of the width of the hand. Anything that is bigger than this size means that you have a big forehead.

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Can You Change the Size of Your Forehead?

Are you wondering if it is possible to change the size of your forehead? Unfortunately, genetics determine the size of your forehead, but you can reduce its perceived appearance by the way you style your hair. For instance, your forehead is stretched if you pull your hair backward in a ponytail. Instead, you should loosely tie your hair up if you want to prevent the widening of your forehead.

You can also leave your front hair to grow naturally and leave it to fall on your forehead. The hair will conceal your hairline and it will also change how big your forehead appears. There will be no clear endpoint to your forehead. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid a shiny or oily forehead since this will make it stand out. Try to have balanced skin by eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. You can also ask your barber or hairstylist about the hairstyles that can make your forehead appear smaller.


A forehead represents the gap between your eyebrows and the hair on your head. Foreheads can grow naturally and they are very common in men. However, women also develop foreheads and some of them might not feel comfortable with such an appearance. Interestingly, other people can even pluck their hair to aid the development of a forehead that is viewed as attractive in some circles. We hope you have enjoyed this post about how to tell if you have a big forehead. You can leave your comments below.