How To Tie A Man Bun With Short Hair

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A man bun is a popular hairstyle for men and you can achieve it by pulling hair back into a bun. Alternatively, you can tie the bun on top of your head and it will appear like a knot. The problem with this hairstyle is that it can be tricky to achieve if you have short hair. While patience is crucial to achieving this style, there are some tips and tricks that you can utilize to master a man bun. Read on to learn how to tie a man bun with short hair.

How to Tie a Man Bun with Short Hair

Before you attempt to tie a man bun with short hair, you should know that it may be impossible at times. If your hair is very short, you need to be patient and leave it to grow to reach a minimum length of about six inches. This length will prevent tension when you tie a bun. The following are some helpful tips that can help you achieve this style with relative ease.

1. Try a top knot first

The difference between a man bun and a top knot is very small and these are often misunderstood. A top knot is a type of bun that is tied on top of the head. The hair does not necessarily need to be very long. Make sure that the sides and the back are clipped to maintain a neat undercut.

Alternatively, you can tie your short hair under your long hair. In most cases, the top hair is usually longer than the side hairs. Therefore, try to pull all the long hair at the back and this will be followed by short hair that you will tie underneath.

2. Use the Right Hair Product for your Man Bun

It is important to choose the right hair product that can give your hair a good hold. A perfect product will make your hair appear thicker and fuller. This will make it easier for you to manage the hair and style it the way you want. With the right cream or sea salt spray, you can easily bunch your hair together and tie the bun regardless of its size. The hair can stay in place over a long period which helps to tame it. On top of that, you will also have a nice-looking sheen and fewer flyaways.

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3. Use Clips

You may still experience flyaways and hairs sticking out of your bun and this might not look good. When you experience this situation, you should not stress. You can use clips to hold the stray hairs in place. Clips are easy to use and they are an effective way to hold your hair in place. However, you must choose clips that resemble the color of your hair so that they are not easily visible. A black might look apparent if you have light hair. This may not give you the right appearance that you crave for.

4. Fake the Bun

If you have short and curly hair, achieving a bun can be tricky. However, you can fake the bun until the right time when you can tie the right bun that you want. With short hair, it means that you can only tie a shorter bun that will not look full. At first, your bun will just look like a small knot that still looks great if you are comfortable with it. This might not work for everyone but it is an effective way of tying a bun if you have short and curly hair.

5. Give it Time

More importantly, when you have successfully tied a bun with short hair, you should give it time. Hair passes through different stages of growth, so you should be patient to achieve the correct length that can allow you to ties a bun. You need to keep your hair clean and healthy. Before you attempt to tie a bun, you must wash your hair with shampoo and make sure that it is free of debris and other unwanted particles.

Give it Time - Man Bun

How to Make a Man Bun

As you can see, it is possible to tie a man but even if your hair is short. All you need to do is to ensure that your hair is at least six inches long so that it can be easy to hold. It is vital to follow different steps to master the art of how to tie a man bun with short hair. You need to experiment with your hair until you achieve your desired goal. You can leave your comments below.