How To Cut and Maintain A Soccer Boy Haircut

Last Updated on October 4, 2021 by Cristina

For the past few years, soccer haircuts have been trending. The main reason why soccer haircuts are popular is that they are short, easy to style and maintain. There are several types of soccer player haircuts you can consider. This article primarily focuses on how to cut and maintain a soccer boy haircut.

Choose The Appropriate Haircut

There are several types of boys soccer haircuts available. The first thing you can do is to choose the appropriate style that suits your needs as well as your head. The best thing to achieve this is to visit your professional barber who will help you determine the ideal style that suits your head. Professional barbers have experience in styling different haircuts like tapers, fades, curls.

Your barber will discuss with you boy soccer haircuts that can make a difference in your game. Most footballers often feel as if they have not prepared well for the game if they do not get a haircut. Some players feel as if they are playing without boots. This is how boy soccer haircuts are also vital since they uplift the players’ confidence on or off the pitch. Some players are highly motivated by a new hairstyle. The main advantage of a beautiful haircut is that it makes you stand out from the rest. When you get your preferred haircut from a professional barber, there are different measures you should take to maintain it in good shape.

Choose The Appropriate Haircut

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Before you visit the barber and after getting your haircut, you must also do your homework. You need to take good care of your scalp and strands at home by applying clarifying products when washing your hair. When you select soccer haircuts for boys, you should apply the best shampoo consisting of charcoal at least once every week. The main benefit of shampoo consisting of charcoal is that it cleanses your scalp and keeps your hair clean. It also detoxifies your skin thereby reducing the risk of flakes that can affect the growth of hair.

Another benefit of washing your hair with shampoo is that it makes it easier to maintain the hair. This will give you a crisper fade since short hair demands accurate styling. You need to wash your hair every day and blow it dry. If you have curly hair, then you should consider shorter hair for a cut that is easy to maintain. The hairstyle can naturally style itself after washing it with a quality shampoo. It is vital to apply natural hair oil for moisturizing and heat spray for protection.

Trim Your Hair

Make sure you trim your hair to keep it in good shape. You can do this yourself if you have the right trimmer and also have the skills to make some minor touch-ups to your hair. When you see that some hairs are popping out and becoming unruly, it is good to snip them so that you maintain your short haircut. However, you need to have some knowledge about how to trim your hair. Remember to get the right tools you can use when trimming your hair. For instance, you need a quality trimmer or clipper for maximum precision and accuracy when cutting your hair.

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Apply Hair Care Products

After getting your soccer boy haircut, use wax or styling pomade to maintain your short style in place. Wax or pomade provides a good hold to maintain your haircut. The wax will add texture to your hair and provides a defined style. You can style your hair into any shape you need for lasting results. It is vital to get the best wax or pomade for your hair. Check the ingredients first and see if the products suit the texture of your hair.

When applying these products, you only need to scoop a reasonable amount into your palms. Apply the wax to your hair using your palms and make sure it reaches the base of the hair. To maintain finer details of your haircut, always use a brush and comb to train your hair. When you comb or brush your hair in a certain direction, you will train it. This also makes it easy to maintain your hair if you detangle it quite often with a brush and comb. After applying wax or pomade, use a comb or brush to spread the products across your hair.

General Maintenance Haircut Tips

To maintain a gorgeous hairstyle every day without visiting your barber, you should use an appropriate shampoo that suits your hair. You can also use a conditioning treatment at least once every week to maintain the quality texture of your hair. Try to apply dry shampoo so that you can extend the frequency between washings. Over-washing your hair is not recommended since it can remove the natural oils in the hair. Another important aspect you should consider is to use heat protection products when curling your hair. Make sure you choose the appropriate product that does not interfere with hair growth.

However, you should not over-style your hair. Make sure you try specific styles that do not require too much heat on your hair. Additionally, avoid tying wet hair into a bun, especially if you have bleached or highlighted hair. Hair is fragile when it is wet, and it can break easily. Therefore, make sure you use a towel to dry your hair after showering before you begin to style it. This will protect your hair in good shape.


Soccer boys’ haircuts are often easy to style and versatile. The most popular football haircuts are short and low-maintenance.  If you want to learn more about soccer haircuts for boys, it is essential to visit your professional barber. You should wash your hair regularly to keep it clean. Also, make sure you trim all the flyaway hairs that can affect the appearance of your style. Make sure you use appropriate tools to trim your hair. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about soccer boy haircut. You can leave your comments below or share the article.