How To Taper A Beard

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Beard grooming makes you stand out from the rest and it continues to evolve. Several beard grooming styles are designed to suit different people. One of the facial hairstyles you can consider to improve your appearance is the tapered beard. This classic beard style is ideal for everyone including celebrities. This article discusses how to taper a beard.

What Is Tapered Beard Style?

Tapering your beard is a process that involves reducing the length of your facial hair so that it creates a gradient. This kind of gradient starts with long hair from the top which gradually shortens towards the hairline. A tapered beard style is the easiest to groom and maintain since you only need to ensure that you have a thicker and healthy beard as it grows down.

The length and thickness of the beard are achieved and maintained at the jawline which makes it different from a fade. The hair found at the sideburns is usually shorter than the entire face. The hair on the cheeks is generally longer, and it grows shorter going downwards. To wear this type of beard style, you need to understand the basics of trimming a tapered beard outlined below.

What Is Tapered Beard Style

How To Taper A Beard

If you choose a tapered beard style, it is important to visit a professional for a perfect cut. However, you can trim your style at home if you know your stuff and also have appropriate tools to use. For instance, you will need a cartridge razor, a wide beard comb, beard trimmer, and scissors for precise trimming. There are different measures you can take to taper your beard which are highlighted in detail below.

Grow Your Beard

The first step you should take is to leave your beard to grow. To achieve full beard growth, you can leave your hair for about three to four weeks depending on its growth rate. You need to be patient when you decide to groom facial hair since it takes time to grow. You can also try some beard growth supplements if you want to enhance the growth of your beard. Other elements like a good diet, exercise, reduced stress, and a high intake of fluids can also enhance the growth of your beard.

Comb Your Facial Hair

When your beard has reached the desired length, you can begin trimming it. You should comb your beard to remove all the tangles and ensure even growth. You can apply a bit of beard oil to loosen the tangles and make it easy to work on the hair. You should avoid trimming your hair when it is wet since this can lead to some distortions in length. After showering, pat dry your bear with a towel and begin trimming it while it is still soft.      

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Begin Trimming

When you have removed all the tangles, start trimming your facial hair. It is vital to be very careful when trimming taper beard to ensure that you maintain the desired length from the cheeks until you reach the jawline. You need to clean the neckline for a perfect and crisp beard. Another essential aspect to consider is to choose the appropriate style you want.

There are several tapered beard styles you can consider. When trimming your beard, make sure you maintain the desired length of your hair. Some trimmers consist of special attachments that make it possible to trim your desired style without any need for scissors. For an asymmetrical look, you should try to go with something that suits your desires.

Sharpen Your Neckline

Make sure you brush your beards downward to check for any stray hairs. Make sure you sharpen the neckline to make your new style apparent. Use a razor to clean the neckline, and there should be no hair at all.

Tidy Your Mustache

When you have finished trimming your taper beard and shaving the neckline, the next thing is to tidy your mustache. Brush your facial hair down and use a sharp blade to remove all the stray hairs above the lip. If you want, you can trim a line on top of the mustache to complement your tapered beard style.

Tapered Beard

Many people often confuse a tapered beard with a fade. When you taper your beard, it gradually grows from longer to shorter hair from the check down to the neckline. You can only trim this hairstyle when you have sideburns and a neckline. On the other hand, a fade is a beard style that is a shorter version of taper. A fade appears around your head and on top of the natural hairline. To get the taper beard style you want, you must not confuse the two. If you are not sure about what you are doing, it is a good idea to visit an experienced barber for a quality style.

How To Maintain A Tapered Beard

Wash your face and beard every day. It is to keep your facial hair moisturized every day to maintain the tapered beard. You can achieve this by applying natural beard oil which is good for your skin and beard. Your grooming kit should have quality beard oil to maintain good health for your skin and hair. Remember to trim your taper beard regularly. On top of that, trim your taper beard regularly. Shave the neckline and make sure it has no hair. Depending on the growth rate of your beard, you may need to perform routine grooming and shaving every day.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about how to taper a beard. A tapered beard consists of longer hair from the cheeks, and it gradually shortens as it reaches the neckline. To trim this beard style, you must have the right tools to use. You must also have a thicker and fuller beard before you begin trimming this style. You should keep your hair clean for easier maintenance. Remember to wash your facial hair every day and apply appropriate beard care products. You can leave your comments below or share the article if you want.