How To Curl Your Mustache

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If you want to try some fancy mustache, you can consider curled mustache. Curled mustaches are often referred to as handlebars although there is a slight difference. With some little patience and planning, you can achieve your curly mustache in a short time. This article outlines everything you want to know about how to curl your mustache.

How To Curl Your Mustache

There are different things you should do to learn how to curl a mustache. The first thing that you should do is to grow your mustache until it reaches the desired length you need to start styling it. After growing your mustache, there are two methods that you can consider to curly your mustache. The first and common method is to use wax to achieve your goal and the second one is to use a curling iron.

Use Wax To Curl Mustache

The common method you can use to design your curly mustache is to apply some wax. When you are satisfied with the length of your mustache, use an appropriate mustache comb to train the hair. Use the best mustache comb with smooth rounded teeth to ensure that it does not snag or pull your hair. Make sure the hair grows outwards instead of downward over your lips. Try to brush your hair daily to train it to grow in the direction you desire. If you can let your hair grow longer, you are likely to enjoy more robust curled tips.

The next step is to select the ideal wax you can use for a tight handlebar mustache or just a casual style. There are several types of wax products available on the market. Before you apply the wax, make sure you warm it first. Scrap a small amount of the wax and rub it using your hands to melt it. Use a little amount of wax and check how it feels and appears on your mustache. If you apply too much wax, your mustache will look greasy.

Use your fingers to curl the tips of your mustache around your mustache. Rub the wax from the middle of your mustache going outwards. Using your two fingers, curl the mustache and hold the curled tips for a few seconds. Apart from holding your curly mustache, wax also plays a pivotal role in taming unruly hairs. Overall, wax makes your entire mustache look tidy.

Use Wax To Curl Mustache

Use A Curling Iron

The second method you can consider to curly your mustache is to use a curling iron tool. When you choose this option, you must begin with clean hair first before you use this tool. You can only apply wax to your hair after curling it with an iron.

If you know how to use the curling iron, you may not need to apply wax if you are afraid that it can affect you’re your curl. All the same, waxing will help tame stray hairs that can affect your style. Set the temperature of the curling iron low and gradually increase it until you reach the best setting for your hair. If you have thicker hair, you need more heat to soften and curl it properly.

A perfect curling iron only takes about one minute to heat while cheaper ones may take a few minutes longer. You also need to avoid a curling iron that is too hot for your hair since it can weaken or burn it. Place a paper on the hot iron bar and if it turns brown, means the curling iron is too hot.

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Select The Right Bore Size

The next thing is to select the right bore size on your curling iron. Set the bore curling iron at 14 inch or 6.4 mm if you want tight curls. If you want loose curls, you can use a bore of about 1 inch (25 mm). There is no universal curling iron for specific types of mustaches. It is a good idea to use a smaller curling iron than the actual curl size of hair you want. The problem with using a larger size curling iron is that it may give you the wrong style.

Using a mirror, clip your mustache using a curling iron and gently pull the hair outwards until the point where it seems to attach to your face. Avoid burning your skin with the curling iron. You can slide something between your face and the hot iron holding the mustache to avoid scalding your cheeks.

The next step is to rotate the curling iron while opening a little bit to allow the mustache tips to curl upwards. If you have long hair, you can rotate it twice towards the ceiling to come up with a more pronounced curl. As you have observed, a hot curling iron specifically softens your hair so that you can tame it or style it the way you want. When you properly use this tool, you may not need to apply mustache wax. However, for a perfect appearance, you can rub a small amount of wax to finish your styling. Wax also holds your hair in place to make your style attractive.

Select The Right Bore Size

Maintain Your Curly Mustache

With mustache curling, you can improve your aesthetic appearance since this is a fancy style. However, you should remember to maintain your curly hair to prevent it from appearing shabby. Maintaining a handlebar mustache requires some form of commitment. Wash your hair every day, comb it, apply wax, and curl it. You may also need to apply beard oil to your facial hair to moisturize it as well as to keep the skin underneath hydrated.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our article about how to curl your mustache. Curled mustache style makes you stand out from the rest since it is fancy and unique. If you want this style, leave your hair to grow first then comb it when you want to style it. Comb the mustache first and apply your favorite wax. Style your hair, and you are done. You can leave your comments below.