Why Mustache Grows Slower Than Beard?

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Many people aspire to grow a handsome mustache, a strip of hair that grows between your upper lip and nose but some men often encounter challenges to achieve that goal. Some individuals do not grow mustache at all and this can be attributed to genetics. If you are lucky to have this special type of hair, one thing that you must know is that mustache grows slower than beard due to different factors. 

However, the fact that mustache grows at a slower rate than beard does not stop you from growing an attractive mustache. There are certain things that you must do to groom a mustache and your effort is vital to attain positive results. As such, this guide explores various steps that you can take to grow a healthy mustache. 

How to Grow Your Mustache Faster and Thicker

First and foremost, it is important to know that not every person can grow a mustache. The growth of facial hair depends on factors like genetics, environment as well as the amount of hair you have. If you already have a beard, chances are high that you will grow a mature mustache.

There are different types of supplements vitamins that are said to make your hair grow faster but this may not be the case. Just take it easy and you may be a winner. All the same, growing a healthy mustache is no miracle so you must also play your part to achieve your desired goals.

Why does mustache grows slower than beard

Prepare Yourself

It is imperative to prepare yourself so that you can face the psychological challenges that you can face during the growth process of your mustache. The whole process is not like a stroll in the park, so you should commit yourself to attain your desired goal.  You should also exercise some patience since the whole process can take several weeks. 

Grow Your Beard First

As you have already noted, the beard grows faster than mustache but this should not discourage you from growing one. The early mustache phase can be awkward so you must focus on growing your beard for the first few weeks until you can see that that the hair above your lip is noticeable. You can then shave off the beard and begin your journey of grooming a full mustache.

You should begin by experimenting with different styles until you get the right one which fits you. The other thing is that you need to be patient since your beard hair cannot grow at the pace you desire. Keep your beard and mustache well-groomed and in an orderly fashion. 

As your mustache develops to meet with side beards, this is the time you should enhance your preferred style. You can do this by trimming the mustache to remove strays to maintain a uniform length. You should aim to leave your mustache with the longest but uniform size for a greater appearance. 

Maintain Your Mustache

Once you have settled for a particular style, the only major task remaining is to maintain it. You can choose a full mustache or other styles. There are plenty of styles such that you can settle for one which satisfies your needs. This is the most important stage that defines your mustache which people can identify you with.

Eat Healthy Diet

 You should make sure that you are eating healthy and you should include biotin in your diet. This component is critical since it promotes the growth of your facial hair. You should also include some vitamins that foster the growth of hair

The good part about eating a healthy diet is that you can get the nutrients that promote mustache growth from different types of food that you eat every day. For instance, you can get hair growing vitamins from nuts, eggs, bananas, green veggies as well as mushrooms among others. 

Use Ideal Grooming Products and Tools

There are different types of beard gels and oils that are designed to improve the growth of your beard. You must use a product that is good for your skin and you know yourself better than anyone else. Therefore, it is important to use a product that moisturizes the skin beneath the mustache to promote healthy growth.

You should also know that waxing your mustache is significant since it helps you to style it the way you like. There are different types of wax that can improve the appearance of your mustache by keeping it shiny. However, avoid greasy products to maintain your hair clean. 

Try this mustache wax and comb to have a perfectly groomed mustache.

Mustache Wax That Lasts 24hrs

A comb and a pair of scissors are crucial tools that you can use to groom your mustache. You can use a comb or brush to style your mustache the way you want it to appear and this is very important. A comb also helps to stimulate hair follicles thereby improving the flow of blood which is vital for mustache growth. In the same vein, you can also use scissors to trim loose hairs.    

Appreciate Your Mustache

When you have grown a full mustache, you should be prepared to appreciate it as part of your personality. You can identify with it so you must also expect to get compliments from your peers.  This stage is irreversible, so you must expect to come across different things. 

Interestingly, the other thing you should know is that you can experience earlier probably turn graying of your mustache than the hair on your head. This should not put you off since it is a result of genetics at play. All the same, gray mustache will look healthy and thick which is a plus. These are some of the things that you cannot control and should live with them. 

Why does mustache grows slower than beard?


Growing a mustache is not as easy as growing ordinary facial hair. However, you can still manage to grow a mustache if you follow certain steps but you must always bear in mind that mustache grows slower than the beard.  You can achieve this by eating a healthy diet, using ideal tools and products to groom your mustache. You can leave your comments below or share the articles with others so that they can also realize their dreams.


How Long Does It Take To Grow A Mustache?

A mustache does not grow overnight but it takes different periods depending on the right size that you want. The following time applies to different growth stages of a mustache. 

  • You need about 4 to 6 days for an infant mustache
  • To grow a mustache that you can style of the groom, you need about 15 to 20 days
  • A thick mustache requires about a month
  • For a bushy, thick, and fully developed mustache, you need about 3 to 4 months

While facial hair generally grows at a faster rate than scalp hair, it can be noted that facial hair takes a bit longer to develop fully. Therefore, if you want to grow a mustache, you should be patient since you cannot achieve it overnight. 

Why Can I Not Grow A Mustache?

There are different factors that can contribute to a lack of mustache or poor growth. The complete lack of beard or mustache can be attributed to genetics and ethnicity. If other members do not grow their beard completely, then you are likely to follow in the same footsteps. Lower levels of testosterone, a hormone that promotes the growth of hair, can contribute to the poor growth of the mustache. if you are still young, you will realize that your mustache can take longer to grow. Other factors that can affect the growth of your mustache include a poor diet, stress, smoking, and lack of exercise. 

Is It Bad To Shave Your Mustache?

There is nothing wrong with shaving your mustache as long as you do it properly. There are different things that you should do and the first step is to trim your mustache so that you prepare for the final shave. Cut the beard close to the skin since a razor can pull the stubble that is too long instead of shaving. The next step is to clean and exfoliate the skin on top of your upper lip to prepare it for a close shave. You should warm your skin before shaving to soften it and the hair for a comfortable shave. When you are done, clean your skin and apply aftershave gel. 

Natural Ways To Grow Mustache Faster (home remedies)

The most common home remedies that can promote the growth of mustache pertain to lifestyle changes. For instance, you need to improve your diet and include vitamins that help to activate the follicles that would have stopped growing hair. You can include plenty of vitamins in the form of fish, eggs, plant-based milk. You can also exercise regularly since different studies indicate that exercise can boost testosterone which helps promote the growth of hair. 

Quality sleep can also help improve the growth of your beard. Elements like stress affect the production of DHT which means slower growth of your hair. Maintaining a healthy shin can also go a long way in promoting the growth of your mustache. Use natural soap to wash your face then apply lotion consisting of natural ingredients like coconut oil and castor oil. Smoking also affects hair growth, so it is a good idea to quit smoking now.