All You Need To Know About Beard Thickener Spray

Last Updated on June 30, 2020 by Cristina

So I’ve been having issues selecting a beard growth formula or supplement that actually works. I was torn between using beard growth oil or a beard thickener spray, which I chose to settle for the latter, mainly because of the ease in distribution as compared to the oil. 

Given that grooming a beard to my perfectionist standards has been a struggle, I recently decided to start using supplements for my beard growth. 

Thus today, I’ll be sharing my knowledge (or let me say opinion) on beard thickener sprays with you.

What is Thickener Spray & What Does it Do?

As a quick note, before you decide to use a beard thickener spray or any other beard growth formula, It advisable to first allow your facial hair grow naturally for a while before using either of them.

Natural beard growth is more reliable and with little to no consequences as compared to synthetic or accelerated beard growth.

Basically, a beard thickener spray also known as beard growth spray is a beard growth supplement that helps grow beards in areas where there would naturally be no hair or in areas with dormant facial hair growth. 

What is Thickener Spray & What Does it Do

Thus, beard thickener sprays provide the required nutrients to stimulate beard development, and help in the prevention of hair loss, as they are made up of several natural ingredients such as essential oils and herbs.

A beard thickener spray helps you fill your beard in patchy areas and also provides supplementary nutrients to hair follicles which ultimately increases beard growth. It’s also very helpful when you want to grow a full and thick beard as it helps you fill out and make patchy areas look thicker.

Beard Growth Spray Ingredients

Most beard growth sprays comprise of natural ingredients, who all help in strengthening and softening facial hair. The active ingredients in a beard thickener spray include;

  1. Sulphur for facial hair growth
  2. Potassium is responsible for the production of DHT, an androgen that mitigates hair loss.
  3. Calcium which prevents hair loss
  4. Magnesium for the regulation of DHT and testosterone hormones.
  5. Zinc which increases the production of thyroid hormones for beard growth.
  6. Vitamin A which promotes hormones for beard growth, Vitamin B which stimulates keratin production and Vitamin C which protects hair follicles, DHT, and testosterone.
  7. Other Ingredients include angelica root, Saw palmetto, Polygonum Multiflorum, and tea tree oil.

In selecting a beard growth spray, you should be careful to pick products with all-natural and organic ingredients, over products with chemical ingredients may possibly irritate the skin.m

When Can You See the Outcomes? (Plus how long will the results last)

There are several factors that may affect the rate and time in which you’ll get to see the outcome.

Heredity, diet, getting proper sleep and regular exercise are the salient factors that generally affect hair growth. Other factors such as stress, alcohol and also keeping your beard clean and moisturized, can also affect beard growth.

All You Need to Know About Beard Thickener Spray Beard Growth Spray Ingredients

Thus, you can start noticing changes between 8 to 14 days after use, as the speed also depends on the ingredients used in the formation of the beard growth spray. In order to record a tangible growth, it will take between four to six weeks depending on the earlier mentioned variables.

However, the results might slow down when you stop using the beard growth spray, which is why it’s advisable to allow your beard to grow at its own pace and only use the Beard growth spray as a beard growth supplement.

Does Beard Growth Spray Irritate the Skin? (Is it safe to use)

Safety is something you might want to worry about when it comes to beard growth sprays. You might probably have heard a number of reviews that beard growth sprays cause irritation, but a key determinant on whether the beard growth spray product will cause irritation is dependent on the ingredients used in the formation of the product.

Beard Growth sprays that have a harsh chemical content are bound to irritate, but an all-natural beard growth product often does not cause irritation unless you have a pre-existing allergy to any of the ingredients used in the making of the product. So, it is advisable that you avoid products which have ingredients you might be allergic to.

Beard Growth Sprays might also irritate your eyes and nose while spraying, so ensure to keep the spray away from your eyes and nose or cover them while spraying. If you also have an allergy to deodorants and perfumes, it is advisable that you do not use the product. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Growth Spray

So before you choose your beard growth spray, here’s a checklist of things to consider.

  1. Ingredients: As I said earlier, all-natural products do not cause irritation as compared to beard growth sprays that contain chemical ingredients.
  2. The nutrients contained in the spray are also crucial as they affect the growth of the beard. I’ve mentioned some of the nutrients in the initial part of this post.
  3. Effectiveness: an ideal beard growth spray should heal damaged hair follicles and prolong the hair growth phase. Some Beard growth sprays help deal with acne, germs, and bacteria that build on the skin, nourish the skin and also relieve itchiness and dryness on the beard.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Growth Spray

And like all other product considerations, an important factor to put in mind is the price and your budget. Consider how long the product will last and whether it will be a good investment.

Grooming a beard and seeing the beard grow into full maturity is one of my joys in life and I want my beard to get the best treatment to help it grow to its full potential (hahaha). However, growing a beard requires discipline and effort. And always remember that Beard growth spray should be a supplement to Natural beard growth. Kindly drop your questions in the comments section.

A quick summary of our discussion

  •       Focus on beard growth spray with all-natural ingredients
  •       A beard growth spray should be a beard supplement
  •       Beard growth spray results might take between four to six weeks depending on the variables mentioned earlier.