Beard Growing Tips For Black Men

Last Updated on August 27, 2020 by Cristina

Growing a full beard by different men is often treated as a sign of showing masculinity, discipline, and power. However, black men often face unique challenges that affect the growth of a full and healthy beard. Black guys experience slow growth of beard, coarse and curly facial hair which makes it difficult to groom and manage. As such, here are the beard-growing tips for black men that you can consider to enjoy a healthy beard grooming journey.

Best Beard Growing Tips for Black Men

1. Take Your Time and Trim Your Beard

As a rule of thumb, you should leave your hair to grow if you want to groom a full and healthy beard. When your facial hair is long enough, you should then trim it using the right trimmer. Beard trimming helps maintain your facial hair in good shape and it allows it to grow well to cover all patchy areas. Trimming is also part of a beard grooming routine that helps maintain your facial hair free of dirt and other particles that can cause beardruff.

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2. Wash and Moisturize Your Beard

You should regularly wash your beard at least two or three times per week to rid it of dust particles and other unwanted debris. You can use the right beard shampoo or beard washer to clean your beard. After washing your beard, you should moisturize it using your preferred beard oil or balm. Make sure you use the right products to moisturize your facial hair.

3. Keep the Skin Underneath Clean

A thick beard requires a lot of nutrients and it often leaves the skin dry. This leads to beardruff, dry, and flaky skin that can be irritating. Dry skin also leads to itchiness and this is common among many black guys. To prevent beardruff and skin itching, you should exfoliate the skin to rid it of dead cells then wash it with the right shampoo. Keep the skin underneath your beard hydrated. Avoid greasy products since they can clog the pores which affect beard growth.

3. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress can decrease testosterone in your body and this hormone is crucial for beard growth. The problem with stress is that it can make it difficult for blood vessels to distribute nutrients to hair follicles which leads to slow growth of beard. You can change your lifestyle and reduce stressors if you want to enjoy a healthy growth of facial hair. It is also important to maintain a good diet, drink a lot of, and exercise regularly to promote the quality growth of your beard.

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Black men usually face different challenges with regard to growing and grooming a beard. Issues such as coarse, curly, and slow growth of beard make it difficult to groom it. To enjoy a healthy growth of facial hair, the following beard growing tips for black men can be helpful:

  • Exercise patience
  • Wash beard
  • Keep facial hair moisturized
  • Do some exercises

On top of that, you should choose the right products for beard grooming. We hope you have enjoyed this post. You can leave your comments below.