Beard Oil Vs No Beard Oil

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by Cristina

Growing a beard requires work, discipline and a plethora of supporting products or not. Beard growth is hinged on a lot of variables and you really have to do some evaluation before deciding to get a beard growth supplement. Most Popular and widely used beard growth supplement is the beard oil or sometimes called beard serum, it is everywhere nowadays and it is presented as a miracle worker for most beard problems. But have you ever wondered how your beard growth will be or have been without the use of beard oil? That exactly is what I’m going to be sharing with you today. Let’s end the debate beard oil vs no beard oil. Shall we?

What is Beard Oil?

For the newbie or sake of proper discourse, Beard oil is a great beard conditioner that contains basically jojoba oil, argan oil and other essential oils. It can be described as an alloy of natural carrier oils and intoxicating essential oils. Carrier oils are natural oils extracted from plant seeds and nuts, they are basically used to transport and dilute essential oils hence the name carrier oils. Prime examples are Jojoba oil, argan oil and almond oil. 

Argan oil is used to hydrate and nourish your beard, as it promotes hair growth and repairs hair damage. Extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree, native to Morocco, argan oil is rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids, Vitamin A and E and healing antioxidants. In fact, cosmetic companies use argan oil in their top-notch anti-ageing formulations and acne products. When it comes to beard care, argan oil makes an amazing non-greasy, natural leave-in conditioner that adds shine and helps to reduce frizz. Essential Oils basically provide your beard with the right scent to complement their full and healthy nature and also serve anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiseptic purposes in beard care.

What is Beard Oil

How does It Work?

Beard oil vs no beard oil? In common parlance or terms, we often say beard oil helps beard growth, this is true in some respects, but what beard oil does in terms of function is that it provides an environment for your beard to grow properly. It does this by keeping the hair on your beard moisturised thereby preventing dandruff. The moisturizing removes unwanted dead skin cells and any other impediment to beard growth. It hydrates the skin, softens and tame beard hair.  Some beard oils contain antioxidants and Vitamin E that repair damages done to the cellular membranes of your hair.

When to Use Beard Oil?

You can use beard oil to have a fuller beard or on your stubble and use beard oil to nurture it till it reaches a considerable length and thickness.

The best time to apply beard oil on your beard is after washing your beard with a natural soap (be careful in selecting soaps and avoid soaps with toxic chemical content) or probably whenever you want your beard to look extra shiny.  Apply by dropping a few on your palms, rub palms together until the oil is evenly saturated and gently rub on your beards and most particularly the skin under your beard.

For an even distribution of the beard oil, you can use a beard brush or beard comb.

When to use beard oil routine

Do I need Beard Oil?

This is the huge question that we’re trying to answer. Beard oil vs no beard oil? Bottom-line is that it largely depends on you, some men are fortunate to have a naturally full beard by virtue of genetics (speak of Vikings right?).  But being genetically favoured does not preclude you from using beard oil especially if you have dryness and dandruff, it is highly advisable for you to use beard oil. But not all of us are that lucky, most of us have to patiently wait for that full and thick beard. Here’s a shortlist of those who might need to use beard oil.

  • Anyone with a beard or moustache 
  • If you want a softer beard
  • Those who feel tightness in the skin under their beard
  • Those with beard dandruff or flakiness
  • If you want to style your beard.

That almost covers any beard growing guy out there.

Without Beard Oil

Having gushed all about beard oils and how awesome they seem to be for your beard, let me paint you a picture of how your beard journey might be without beard oil. Bear in mind that beard oil creates a healthy environment for your beard to thrive.

For the genetically endowed man who is reluctant to use beard oil, beard oil goes deep into the skin beneath your beard and removes unwanted dead cells, combats bacteria, fungi and germs, dandruff and also provides vitamins for beard growth. Without beard oil, your beard will be a hub for dandruff, itchy and as much as it might be full, it might not be pleasing to look at. The longer your beard grows the drier it becomes because your comb or brush might not be able to do justice to grooming it.

When to Use Beard Oil?

For folks like me who were fortunate (of sorts) to patiently grow out our beards, we need beard oil. It helps us to keep our skin healthy and create a healthy environment for facial hair to sprout. Now bear in mind that beard oil is not a magic beard-growing potion. Don’t think that it will help you get a full and thick beard. It does not work that way, if your genetics do not favour you getting a full and thick beard, beard oil can’t do much for you. Without beard oil, your skin will probably be dry. Also, your facial hair will be deprived of essential nutrients that a beard oil supplies.

Beard maintenance can be an uphill task and combing it daily can be a chore. What beard oil does for you is that reduces the effort you have to put into your beard care by providing natural nourishment and protection for your beard. 


  • Beard Oil creates a good environment for your hair to grow.
  • Beard Oil is not a magic potion that produces full and thick beards
  • Avoid toxic chemicals in your beard care.

That will be all from me guys. Thanks for reading through. 

Kindly drop your questions and comments in the comments section. Stay bearded!!!