How Long Does Back Waxing Last?

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Waxing is one way of removing unwanted hair from different parts of the body. For instance, hair at the back can be frustrating and a common cause for concern among different men. Many guys are choosing waxing as an ideal method to remove back hair. However, some information like how long the wax lasts is not very common among different people. Read on to learn how long does back waxing last.

How Long Does Back Waxing Last?

A successful waxing session helps to remove hair from its roots and it can last for about six weeks. However, this does not necessarily mean that your back will remain hair-free for full six weeks. Chances of experiencing regrowth of hair sooner are high depending on different factors. Multiple elements determine the growth of hair such as your growth cycle, frequency of applying wax, and other processes of the hair growth cycle. The time it takes for the hair to grow varies from individual to individual.

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What Are The Stages Of Hair Growth?

Hairs in different parts of the body undergo different growth phases that include growing, rest and transition. Your hair follicles fall into different growth stages. Therefore, this means that when you wax your hair, the chances of other hair growing below your skin are quite high. The hair might be short to get waxed and it can only become visible a few days after waxing. The process of waxing can leave some of the hairs that are still in the growing or rest stages. You need not worry when you see some hairs emerging immediately after waxing.

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Factors Of Hair Growth

The element of gender determines the different phases of hair growth. Biologically, men tend to grow a lot of hair on their back, legs, or even arms. The other things that you should understand about the hair growth cycle include the following: age, genetics, season, and hormonal levels.

The area around the bikini usually consists of dark and thick hair. You may not apply the technique of waxing to remove this kind of hair. On the other hand, the back, your legs, and hands usually consist of fine and light hair. As you can see, there are different factors that affect hair growth and they vary by different people. Therefore, the same applies to the issue of how long does back waxing last. Generally, waxing is expected to last up to six weeks but it can be more or less for other men.

Factors Of Hair Growth

The frequency of applying the wax technique to remove hair can also determine the rate of growth of your hair. If you perform a waxing session at least once in two to four weeks, it means that your skin can remain hair-free over a long time. The hair will be likely coming from the root. Constant removal of the hair will damage your hair follicles over time and this also negatively affects its growth. At some point in time, your hair can stop growing completely.

Does Back Waxing Hurt?

While you can perform the waxing procedure at home, it is essential to consult a professional if possible. The waxing procedure can cause varying degrees of pain among different people. The level of pain that you can experience is subjective but it can be minimized if a professional does your waxing. The good thing is that a professional does not over-work your skin which can cause pain.

However, the threshold of pain caused by waxing will gradually decrease over time. Consistent waxing will reduce the rate of hair growth over time. This means that the procedure will become easier and manageable. You will also get used to the sensation that gradually becomes less intense. Eventually, you may end up performing maintenance waxing which is not painful. On top of that, regular waxing causes your hair to become softer and the discomfort associated with the exercise disappears.


Body hair can make you unattractive especially if it is at the back. While some women love hairy men, others view back hair as unattractive. As a result, waxing is one method that you can consider to remove hair on your back. Waxing can last up to six weeks but it does not necessarily mean that you will be hair-free. Additionally, the procedure can cause some pain but it can gradually ease if you perform it regularly. To reduce the challenge of discomfort, you should undertake the procedure of waxing regularly. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how long does back waxing last. You can leave your comments below.