Can Any Man Grow A Beard?

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by Cristina

Beard is a sign of masculinity among different males and some view it as a symbol of status in society. However, the main question is: “can any man grow a beard?” Some people wonder if ever they will grow a beard and there are different factors that can be attributed to their beardlessness. 

Why Some Men Cannot Grow a Beard?

No matter how much they may try, some men do not grow a beard. According to scientific research, the inability of other men to grow facial hair has no direct relationship with low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a very important hormone in males that promote the growth of beard. 

In some cases, other males fail to grow a thick beard due to low levels of this vital hormone. However, in the case of zero growth of beard, it can be attributed to genetics and it is not a medical condition. All males usually have the same levels of testosterone so their inability to grow beard has nothing to do with their level of this hormone. 

If you are born to a beardless father, then that will be the major cause for your inability to grow facial hair. You should bear in mind that lack of beard is not a medical issue and you can do nothing about that condition. If you realize that you are past the age of beard growing, you should contend with the situation since there is nothing you can do to change the situation. The question remains, can any man grow a beard? 

Can Any Man Grow a Beard? What then Should You Do?

If you cannot grow a beard, then you should never try medical treatment since this can cause nasty side effects related to liver problems, scar-inducing acne as well as balding. By trying medication to solve the problem of the inability to grow a beard, you can cause a more serious problem which is not your ultimate goal. 

The other danger of trying to raise your level of testosterone using unnatural methods can cause severe health issues. If you do not have ideal genes for beard growth, then injecting testosterone into your body might not be necessary. You would rather try some natural methods of raising your level of testosterone instead of choosing the medical route. 

Can Any Man Grow a Beard - What then Should You Do

Poor Beard Growth

It can be observed that not all men can grow a beard. Some males who belong to certain races cannot grow any beard at all and this is common. However, the situation is different from cases where some men experience poor growth of beard. When you are in this situation, there are certain steps that you can take to address the situation.   

There are specific illnesses and medical conditions that can affect the growth of your facial hair. Some of these health conditions are not severe and permanent such that you can cure them successfully using different methods.

Some of the health conditions that can lead to a lack of facial hair include alopecia, anemia, and hypothyroidism. Alopecia is an immune disorder that makes your system attack hair thereby causing it to fall away. The good thing is that the condition does not permanently damage your hair follicles meaning that it can be treated with the right products.

Poor Beard Growth

On the other hand, it can also be seen that both anemia and hypothyroidism are responsible for causing a slower growth of your beard. Medications can help to solve the condition of hypothyroidism while anemia can be managed through infusions and supplements. 

If you believe that the reason why you cannot grow a beard is a result of certain medical conditions, then you can consult your doctor or dermatologist who can help with appropriate medication. Some of the remedies are natural and they are also easy to apply. 

Can Any Man Grow a Beard? Use Beard Oil

Beard oil can significantly help you accomplish your goal of growing a full beard. If you are experiencing the problem of poor beard growth, you can use beard oil which helps to nourish your beard follicles thereby stimulating growth. 

Beard oil has the necessary vitamins that are vital for growth since it also helps to keep your skin healthy. The other essence of beard oil is that it moisturizes your skin such that facial hair can easily develop. Poor growth can also be corrected by choosing beard oil with natural ingredients that are vital for healthy growth of your facial hair. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The other simple way of addressing the problem of poor growth of beard is to maintain a good diet. For instance, your diet should include cereals, nuts, green vegetables as well as peas. A good diet helps to increase the amount of folic acid which in turn helps to improve the growth of your facial hair.

Can Any Man Grow a Beard? Use Beard Oil

A good diet also helps to improve your overall healthcare which helps to promote the growth of your hair. The other element is that a good diet contains biotin which helps in promoting the growth of beard. You must also increase your uptake of water to improve the growth of your beard. Above all, exercise is good for your health which also contributes to improved beard growth. 

Proper skin care is also essential to promote beard growth. If dirt accumulates on your skin, it can clog the pores which hinder beard growth. Therefore, you must gently clean your skin to ensure that facial hair is not blocked. 

Use Rogaine/Minoxidil 

Rogaine is another method that you can use which promotes the growth of beard. It helps to stimulate your hair follicles thereby promoting the growth of beard. However, you must be careful since this product contains some chemicals that can cause skin irritation as well as dandruff.


Not all men can grow beard according to scientific research and this can be attributed to genetics. If you belong to this category, there is nothing that you can do about the situation. It is not recommended to take the medical route since this can cause severe side effects. 

However, if poor growth of beard is attributed to some medical condition, then you can try beard oil and other supplements that can promote the growth of facial hair. Maintaining a good diet and lifestyle are some of the things that can help you achieve healthy growth of facial hair.