Funny Names For Mustaches

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Men wear mustaches as a way of expressing their masculinity. There are different styles of mustaches, and their names denote different things. Likewise, all things have nicknames, and the same applies to mustaches that also have slang names. Read on to learn some of the funny names for mustaches and see where your style fits.

Funny Names For Mustaches

All mustaches have some historical background stories where they derive their nicknames and others. Some nicknames for mustaches consist of slang and funny meanings that can appeal to your imagination. The meanings of these names are imaginary, and they are not universal. Therefore, you should not limit your imaginations to other people’s creative meanings. While there are several mustache slangs, the following are some of the most common and can appeal to your interest.

Some Funny Names For Mustaches

Dirt Squirrel

Dirt squirrel is mustache slang for people with fewer mustaches, and they are often humiliated by the patches in their hair. As the name suggests, this type of mustache is not visually appealing and it might resemble the squirrel’s tail. However, what remains unsolved is where the dirt part of the mustache comes in. To find the meaning of some of these funny names for mustaches, avoid direct translation since it may not make any sense. Likewise, be creative and think of unimaginable things.

Upper Lipholstery

Upholstery is the smooth finishing or covering usually found on furniture like sofas or other related seats. If you can imagine the velvet on furniture, it means that “lipholstery” refers to the comfortable covering on someone’s lip to protect against cold weather. This meaning is not official but based on other people’s imaginations.


Some mustache names are derived from the appearance of the style. The caterpillar mustache slang consists of two mustaches that resemble caterpillars that are connected in the middle of your upper lip. If you do not look carefully you may think that two caterpillars are put in the place where there should be mustaches.

Bristol Button

You are likely to have bristle batons if you struggle to grow a mustache. Your mustache will look so thin and unkempt as a result of its low density. The hairs will look bristly on your upper lip. While this name may sound fun, you should take care of your facial hair.

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Lip Foliage

This name can be self-explanatory if you prefer to use the literal meaning of foliage. When your mustache looks like foliage, it means that it consists of natural elements like excessive growth. It also means that your mustaches require maintenance. Bushy mustaches are often associated with the term lip foliage. If the bushes around your home are not trimmed for a long time, they will look unsightly. The same applies to your “lip foliage” which will look unkempt. Therefore, you must control your mustache before it goes out of hand.

Face Lace

This type of mustache is very thin, and it looks like a layer of lace on someone’s lip. If you do not pluck the pesky lip hairs, you can end up with this type of mustache. As a rule of thumb, you must not neglect your facial hair. It is vital to be patient and leave your mustache to grow than ending up wearing a face lace.


This term is interpreted in different ways just like any other funny name for mustaches. A bro-merang can describe mustaches that are detachable and play a dual function. You can use your mustache as a plaything when you find yourself in a boring and awkward position. Many people tend to play with their mustaches if they have nothing to do. The mustache can also look like a shape of a bro-merang. The term has multiple meanings, and you can choose your connotation.


Grass Grin

This mustache nickname shows that the hair is known for being wild, and it is compared to nature. If you stretch your imagination, you will try to visualize the appearance of the mustache. For instance, the image of a person wearing grass instead of a mustache is kind of fun. There is no single meaning of this funny term, so you should try to imagine different things. If you search the meaning of this term on the internet, you will several meanings and these are based on individual connotations.


This term refers to a luxurious and long mustache that curls. This type of mustache represents a mustachio. You can use this term for any type of mustache that is long and curly. Like any other slang name for mustache, you can create your meaning.


This nickname probably derives from a special type of cloth consisting of two surfaces that can stick when pressed together. The material is used for fastening clothes, and they can resemble two long mustaches on each side. This mustache style is often associated with wealthy men who gather around a table sharing cigars. Their mustaches create a bond as the wearers usually share common interests. You can also imagine a group of men wearing these mustaches drinking Champaign while discussing important issues. As the adage goes “birds of the same feather flock together. Whatever your imagination, this name is open to different interpretations.

Misplaced Eyebrow

This slang says it all about the type of mustache in question. Eyebrows are generally thin and very short. This is the only type of hair that does not grow thicker and longer like other facial hairs. Therefore, when a mustache is described as a misplaced eyebrow, it means that the hair was not supposed to be above the lip. The eyebrow might have lost its way and decides to settle in a place that is reserved for mustaches.


Several mustache slang names describe the appearance of different styles. Some names are purely for fun, and they are meant to provide some humor. We hope you have enjoyed reading this list of funny names for mustaches. However, the list is not exhaustive since there are numerous nicknames for mustaches. We would love to hear your comments and share your views about mustache names.