Why Are Mustaches Creepy?

Last Updated on August 15, 2021 by Cristina

Beard styles are getting popular, and they play a pivotal role in helping men express their personalities. For instance, a mustache is a popular style among different people. However, some people end up with creepy or annoyingly unpleasant mustaches. Are you wondering why are mustaches creepy? Different factors that cause a mustache to be creepy are highlighted in this article.

Why Are Mustaches Creepy?

Wearing a mustache is an expression of masculinity, and this style was common among military men. Civilians, later on, adopted this style to show their dominance. There are different types of mustache styles that include horseshoe, pencil mustache, and handlebar. From the onset, you should remember that creating a handsome mustache is an art. You need constant practice to groom an attractive mustache.

It is crucial to start with a simple style to avoid a creepy disaster. No one wants to wear a creepy mustache, but it happens to different people. You must visit a stylist or consider a simple style that is easy to maintain. This will help you prevent the creepiness of your style.

Creepy Mustaches

Forgetting To Shave

Skipping a day or two without shaving your mustache will turn into a disaster. If you neglect your mustache, it will become creepy and make you look shabby. It defies logic to wear a hairstyle that will give you negative results than its intended purpose. The idea of having a lot of facial hair may appeal to other people, but you need to know those bushy mustaches are by any standard creepy. To enjoy a stylish mustache, you must keep it neat. A quick trim can do since it helps you eliminate flyaway hairs that often impact the appearance of your style.

To maintain your stylish mustache, you should invest in a quality trimmer and other necessary beard products. There are different types of trimmers that you can get on the market. When you get a trimmer, you should learn how to use it. Try to choose a style that you can maintain and avoid complicated styles. After trimming your mustache hairs, apply beard wax or balm for a stronghold. If you over-apply beard products, they may appear greasy, so be careful. Once you master the art of styling your mustache, you will realize that the exercise is exciting.

Sparse Hair

Sparse hair is another issue that can make your mustache creepy. If you want to grow an attractive mustache, you must leave your hair to grow. This can take up to about six weeks before you start to trim your mustache. The issue of sparse hair is caused by different factors like genetics, diet, lack of exercise, and stress. If you have a problem of sparse hair caused by genetics, you can forget about growing a full mustache. Small hair is appropriate for pencil mustaches, and anything else will be creepy.

Know the type of your hair before you decide to grow a mustache. However, if the poor growth of your hair is caused by aspects like a poor diet or lack of exercise, it is easy to correct the problem. You can enjoy any style that you wish if you have normal hair.

Moustache Wax & Folding Small Comb

Know Your Limit

When you decide to grow a mustache, you must choose an appropriate style that suits your face. If you have a thin or round face, you need a neat style that can express your style fully. One thing that you must know is that you must never force a facial style. Instead of improving your appearance, you can only worsen it if you select the wrong style.

Outdated Style

Certain mustache styles are outdated and look shabby if you wear them in the modern world. For instance, cowboy mustaches were once very popular in the past, but they now look awkward. These creepy mustaches look terrible, especially when they are worn by people with thin faces or young men. Your favorite actor in the 20th Century appears great in the movie, but you cannot achieve the same results if you want to imitate the style. The style will certainly look outdated, so consider a modern mustache.

In some cases, you men may wear a mustache to look older, but this is awkward. This type of style will be creepy since it may not fit you. If you have few hairs on your upper lip, you are not yet ready for grooming a mustache. The style will look funny, and you will be the odd one out when you are in public. You should know that grooming a mustache is a process that requires patience. Mustaches pass similar growth stages just like any other type of facial hair.

Do Girls Like Mustaches?

According to different studies, many women find men’s facial hair attractive since it symbolizes masculinity. Some ladies choose mustache as their preferred grooming style. There are different types of mustache styles that include pencil mustache, horseshoe mustache, and handlebar mustache. However, certain stereotypes are often associated with facial hair including a mustache. Some people believe that beards carry infections that are likely to cause diseases. As a result, some women find clean-shaven men more attractive than bearded ones.

Some women view beards as a sign of poverty, and they associate it with the lower class. People with clean faces are viewed as energetic, young, and disciplined. Mustaches are attractive to other ladies while others are indifferent. Therefore, the perceptions of a man’s mustache depend on where one lives. In short, some women like mustaches while others despise them as a result of different reasons.


Wearing a mustache is an expression of masculinity or style. There are different mustache styles that you can consider. However, mustaches can become annoying or creepy as a result of many factors. Forgetting to shave, outdated styles, and spotting bushy hair are some of the creepy mustache mistakes that you should not make. We hope you have gained insight into the reasons why are mustaches creepy. You can leave your comments below.