How To Darken Facial Hair

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Ever wonder how to darken your beard? When we are young, we tend to grow light beards that may be almost impossible depending on the complexion. However, as we age, we begin to witness the graying of some hairs. In both cases, men desire darker beards to improve their aesthetic appearance. Read on to learn how to darken facial hair.

How To Darken Facial Hair

There are different methods that you can consider to darken your facial hair. The following are some of the factors that you can consider to make your beard dark.

Apply Beard Oil Daily

Beard oil is a critical component of your daily beard grooming routine. Beard oil comes with several benefits such as keeping your skin supple, making your hair strong and healthy. Moisturizing your beard makes it look fuller and darker. If you want, you can get special beard-darkening oil. You need to look for high-quality beard oil if you want to achieve the best results. It is essential to apply beard oil after showering when the hair is still damp and the pores are still open to allow absorption of the oil.

Apply Beard Oil Daily

Shave Regularly

Regular shaving of the beard especially among the young helps to thicken the hair shafts and make the hair coarser. The benefit of thicker shafts is that they will appear dark since they are more visible than pale hairs. Additionally, shaving helps to get rid of curly and split ends that usually appear lighter than the rest of your facial hair. Try to trim the damaged areas and avoid causing more harm to your facial hair. It is a good idea to visit your local barber and get advice on the necessary steps about how to darken facial hair.

Apply Hair Dye Products

Dyeing your facial hair is probably the most effective method that you can consider if you want to make it appear darker and fuller. There are different facial hair products that you can consider darken gray hairs. When you choose the dye for your beard, you should carefully read all the instructions. You also need to ensure that you do not get a product that will irritate your skin. You must apply the dye as instructed but you must first conduct a patch test. This will help you to see if the dye does not cause irritation.

Darken Your Hair With A Pencil

If you have a thin mustache, you can use a pencil to darken it. There are special pencils that can be used by men in the same way women darken their eyebrows. However, this method may not apply if you have a full mustache. You can also use a filler to darken the patches that consist of lighter hair.

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How to darken facial hair? - Beard Pencil

Shape And Style Your Beard

Shaping your beard can also give you the appearance that you want to make your beard look darker and fuller. However, you can achieve this if you visit a professional barber who can recommend the best style that suits your face. You can also use a brush to style your facial in a certain direction. This helps to train it so that the hair appears darker in all areas. If you have light patches, you can style your facial hair to cover them to attain a uniform appearance.

Grow Out The Beard

Growing a fuller beard makes it appear darker in all places. Your beard will start off light but as more hair begins to grow, you will realize that it appears darker. Growing a full beard requires patience and it can take you several weeks or even months depending on various factors. You also need to apply the right grooming products to grow a full beard with a dark color.

Limit Sun Exposure

Continuous exposure to the sun can lighten up your facial hair. Therefore, you can avoid this by staying in the shade. You can also utilize different beard-grooming products to help you reduce the impact of light from the sun. It is essential to keep your facial hair moisturized so that it can retain its texture and softness.

Limit Sun Exposure

Conclusion On How To Darken Facial Hair

If your beard is relatively light in color, you may want to give it a thicker, darker, and fuller appearance. There are different methods that you can consider to darken your beard. With darker beards, you will tend to have few gaps, unlike the lighter ones. This will help you achieve the appearance of a fuller and thicker beard. We hope you have enjoyed this post about how to darken facial hair. You can leave your comments below.