How To Dye A Very Short Beard

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by admin

While beard grooming is an exciting experience, the graying of your facial hair can be frustrating especially if you want to maintain it short. However, you have the option of dying your stubble to maintain the color that you desire. Dying your stubble without staining your skin can be challenging but the good news is that it is possible with the right tools. Read on to learn some tips about how to dye a very short beard.

Tips on How to Dye A Very Short Beard

1. Choose The Right Dye Color For Your Beard

First and foremost, you should try to choose the right dye coloring and make sure you mix it properly before applying it to your stubble.

There are different types of dyes so you should try to get the one with the best color that matches your hair. Do not shower your beard before applying the dye. The main reason for this is that your beard will be able to fully absorb the dye while at the same time preventing skin irritation.

Choose The Right Dye Color For Your Beard

2. Use The Right Tools

To achieve minimal staining when dyeing your beard, you should try to use a precise applicator like a small brush. It is essential to apply Vaseline to the areas bordering the stubble to help prevent stray dye from getting into direct contact with your skin.

You should also have alcohol-based wipes so that you can quickly remove the dye that leaks to undesired places. Additionally, you also need to use latex gloves when dyeing your beard to avoid staining your hands.

3. Leave The Dye The Right Time

The longer you leave the dye on your stubble before washing it, the darker it will become. Therefore, if you have larger gray patches on your beard, you should leave the dye to sit for a couple of minutes before washing off. Usually, the color of your beard should last about two weeks after dyeing before it requires another treatment.

4. Maintain The Color of Your Beard

When showering, do not use soap but instead shampoo that helps maintain the coloring of your beard. This helps you maintain the color of your beard over a longer period. You should also apply beard oil to nourish your stubble so that it can retain its color after dyeing it.

How To Remove Stains From Your Skin

No matter how careful you may be when you apply dye to your stubble, skin staining is inevitable. The chemicals in the dye can be harsh and they also do not come off easily with warm water and soap. You can try to use isopropyl alcohol or nail polish to remove the stubborn stains of dye from your skin. However, try to avoid over-applying the chemicals on your hair since this can lead to the removal of dye.

There are different reasons why men dye their stubble and the graying aspect being the most common one. To dye a very short beard effectively, you should choose the right color that can match with hair on your scalp.

When applying the dye, you should use a special applicator to avoid staining your skin. All the same, your skin will be stained during the process but you can remove the stains using nail polish.