How To Use Shaving Soap- Tips & Tricks

Shaving is a vital component of the beard grooming routine that can significantly improve your appearance. Some men shave with cheap creams, body soap, or in some instances with nothing. However,  this is not recommended since it can give you undesirable results. You can consider using a high-quality shaving soap since it is designed to give you a closer shave while at the same time eliminating skin irritation, razor burns as well as other common problems caused by shaving. As such, read on to learn how to use shaving soap.

How To Use Shaving Soap

1. Prepare Your Shaving Soap

The first thing is to prepare your shaving soap so that it can be ready for use. You can do it in a small container so that it does not slip all over when you want to use it.

Add some hot water to the container and let the soap bloom so that it becomes easier to load on the brush before applying it to your beard.

Prepare Your Shaving Soap

2. Lather Your Brush

It is also essential to soak your shave brush in hot water so as to soften the bristles. This helps to ensure that sufficient lather is produced when you apply the soap on your beard.

You should aim to get the perfect lather before you apply it to your beard and this should not have large bubbles visible.

3. Drain Your Brush

It is important to ensure that your brush is not dripping with bloomed soap water since this can give your poor results.

Try to remove excess water from the brush and a little squeeze with your fingers can do. Instead of draining the soapy water, you can apply a coat to your face since it can act as after shave cream.

Tips and Tricks

Likewise, there are certain tips and tricks that you should follow if you want to achieve the best results from shaving special soap. Essentially, you should make as much lather as possible from the shaving soap so that you can get the best results.

The lather should feel oily when you apply it on your skin for a closer and comfortable shave. When you apply the shaving soap with a brush, you should make sure that you do not shake it since this can loosen the bristles.

All the same, you should choose the best way that works for you since there is no right way or wrong way of using a shaving soap.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this step-by-step tutorial about how to use shaving soap. As you have observed, using this product is vital if you want to achieve a clean and close shave. The main advantage of using this product over other canned creams is that it consists of natural ingredients. These help to nourish and hydrate your skin. The soap also provides better lubrication to help the razor blade glide gently over your skin while you are shaving. You can leave your comments below and share the article if you have liked it.