How To Dye Your Beard Blonde

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Are you wondering how you can change or improve the appearance of your facial hair? Patchy or graying facial hair may not augur well for beard enthusiasts. However, the good news is that you can dye your beard using different colors to get the desired outlook. There are different things that you should consider if you want to change your beard to blonde color. Read on to learn how to dye your beard blonde.

Choose The Right Color To Dye Facial Hair Blonde

If you wish to color your facial hair, you must choose a dye with a lighter shade than the intended outcome. Likewise, the blonde color is lighter than dark beards, so make sure you get the appropriate one. When choosing a beard dye, make sure you read the ingredients to avoid a situation where you buy a product that does not suit your needs.

Choose The Right Color To Dye Facial Hair Blonde

How To Dye Your Beard Blonde

When you have selected the right type and color of dye for your beard, the next thing is to perform the actual coloring of your beard. There are different steps that you should consider which include the following:

Preparation For Blonde Beard Dye

The first step involves the process of gathering all the materials that you will require when you dye your facial hair. The following are some of the items that you must have before you begin the actual dyeing process.

  • Beard dye
  • Applicator
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tint remover
  • Vaseline

Do A Patchy Test

Hair dyes consist of different ingredients and others can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. For instance, chemicals in other products can cause inflammation and redness of the skin if it is sensitive. Therefore, you must perform a sensitive test on a patch of your skin. Leave the dye for about 24 hours to see how it reacts. If it causes irritation, choose another type of product.

Do A Patchy Test - Blonde Beard

Wash Your Beard

You can wash your beard or not before you dye it. The advantage of washing your facial hair is that it helps to remove dead skin cells and other undesired particles. Dry your hair with a towel for easier absorption of the dye than when the beard is wet. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the skin around the hair that you want to dye to prevent staining. You should always remember to wear gloves to protect your hands.

Mix The Dye

Most types of dyes come with a tube consisting of base color and another one with the color developer. The dye comes with a tray that you should use to mix enough solution that can cover your beard.

Apply Your Dye

After mixing the dye solution, use your brush to apply the dye to your facial hair. You should do it in an up and down motion and make sure that you cover all areas across the beard. Try to prevent your dye from coloring the skin or staining your clothes since it is difficult to remove. When applying the dye, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Wait a few minutes and test the color of the dye on your beards. If it is too light, you can apply another layer on top. When you are satisfied, rinse your beard with cold water.

Maintain Your Facial Hair

Dyeing your beard is not an end since there are steps that you should take to maintain it. Maintaining a new color on your beard requires commitment on your part though it is not very difficult. Wash your beard with lukewarm water every to remove all the dirt and unwanted particles. You can use quality beard shampoo if you want. Apply beard oil to your facial hair which helps to smooth and soften it. You should apply beard oil every day after showering in the morning.

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Conclusion On How To Dye My Beard Blonde

There are various reasons why men dye their facial hair and there are also many colors that you can choose. For instance, many people seem to despise the graying of hair and they opt for the solution of dyeing it. If you have patchy hair or you just want to change your appearance, you can also consider the option of coloring your beard.

There are different steps that you want to color your facial hair blond. It is imperative to choose the right color and you must also perform a patch test to see if the dye does not cause irritation. When satisfied, follow the instructions to dye your hair. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how to dye your beard blonde. You can leave your comments below.