How To Train Beard Hair

Last Updated on April 21, 2021 by Cristina

Several guys aspire to grow a fuller, thicker, and well-tamed beard. However, this does not happen overnight since there are different types of facial hair and styles that you can consider. A full beard does not simply start that way given that there are many things involved in the grooming process. Some hairs can stick out and these can affect your aesthetic appearance. To avoid this, you need to tame your facial hair to grow in a certain direction. Here are some tips that you can consider if you want to know how to train beard hair.

How To Train Beard Hair

There are different steps that you must follow to learn how to train beard hair. These steps are very simple. All you need to do is to be consistent and you should also be patient. The following are some of the basic measures that you need to consider.

Training Beard Hair by Trimming

Trim Your Beard

When you begin your journey to train your beard hair, you must ensure that you trim it to a specific size. At first, facial hair does not grow at the same pace. In some instances, the hair can grow in different directions and this can affect its appearance. Therefore, trimming helps to shape your hair so that it grows in the right direction. It is imperative to choose the right tools that you can use to trim your beard. When the hair passes the initial growth stage that is often awkward, trim it to match the shape of your face.

Wash Your Beard

It is vital to ensure that you wash your facial hair first before applying any beard grooming products or tame it. When you wash your beard, make sure that the water is not very hot but lukewarm. Use a beard-friendly conditioner to clean your facial hair and try to avoid standard shampoo.

You must also ensure that you exfoliate the skin underneath the hair to eliminate elements like dead cells that can affect hair growth. Washing your beard also helps to clean out the pores and remove the dirt that can cause itchiness.

Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is an indispensable component that should be part of your daily grooming routine. The main benefit of beard oil is that it moisturizes your hair to make it easy to manage. Beard oil also softens your hair and gives it a nice shiny. It becomes easier to train your beard in the desired direction if it is soft.

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Brush To Train

The best way to achieve great results in your endeavor to train your beard is to brush it downward. Make sure you brush your facial hair toward the chin and this also helps to shape it. You must choose the best brush that suits the size of your beard. You may also need to use a straightener to tame the wild hairs and also achieve extra styling. You can also use a comb on your beard to train it to grow in a specific direction.

You can also make use of beard styling products like balms and beard wax. Gently apply these products to your facial hair using your palms in downward strokes. Apart from hydrating your beard and boost growth, these products also give it a good hold. With the right beard wax or beard balm, it can hold your hair in the same position for an extended period.

Do The Right Thing

It is essential to do the right thing so that you promote the healthy growth of your beard. However, you need to be careful to avoid doing specific things that can affect the growth of your beard. You should avoid using cheap products on your beard since they can affect its growth and quality.

Additionally, products that contain alcohol are not good for your skin and beard since they can cause irritation. Alcohol also hardens your hair and skin and this makes it difficult to train it. Always remember to use the right amount of beard grooming products. Do not over-apply these products if you want to achieve the best results. More importantly, do not apply beard products on unwashed facial hair.


If you want to grow a fuller, thicker, and attractive beard, you must train it to grow in a specific direction. Training your facial hair requires patience, commitment, and hard work. However, with the right knowledge, products, and tools, you can train your facial to grow in the desired direction. We hope you have enjoyed this post about how to train beard hair. You can leave your comments below and share the article.