How To Turn Peach Fuzz Into A Beard

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When you are trying to grow a beard, you may be frustrated by sprouting peach fuzz beard or vellus hair. Peach fuzz consists of non-pigmented or lightly pigmented, wispy, and thin hair that cannot be viewed as a real beard. Many guys have vellus hairs on their faces, and some aspire to mature those hairs into strong and thick beards. The main issue is about how to turn peach fuzz into a full beard. The good news is that it is possible to grow a full beard from the tiny vellus facial hair sprouting from the follicles that you already have. Read on to learn everything that you want to know about how to turn peach fuzz into a beard.

How To Turn Peach Fuzz Into Beard

Every male person is born with facial hair follicles and testosterone, and DHT. These are male hormones that promote the growth of the beard. Both DHT and testosterone have masculizing effects, and they can convert vellus beard into full facial hair. Beard growth is mainly stimulated by hormone levels and other factors related to genetics. The following are some of the measures that you can take to promote the conversion of peach fuzz into a beard.

Improve Vitamin D

One thing that you should know about beard growth is that vitamin D plays a crucial role in promoting the production of testosterone. In other words, your body should have sufficient vitamin D to promote the growth of a fuller and thicker beard from the peach fuzz. Vitamin D is accessible from direct sunlight. In other words, all you need to do is to make sure that you get enough exposure to sunlight to absorb vitamin D. This component plays a pivotal role in promoting the maturation of the hair follicles.

You can also obtain vitamin D nutrients from the diet that you consume. There are also vitamin D supplements that you can consider to boost your testosterone levels to stimulate the follicles to promote the growth of hair. If you live in places characterized by low-light like Scandinavia, then vitamin D supplementation is critical. You can have your vitamin D level checked at the lab so that you know the appropriate amount of supplements to take.

Use Beard Growth Supplements

There are also other types of beard growth supplements that you can use to increase the growth of vellus hair. Some males have sufficient testosterone and DHT levels, but their beard might not be growing and they only have vellus hair. If you are in this predicament, you should consider using beard growth supplements like minoxidil. The main challenge can be caused by desensitized androgen receptors that fail to stimulate the growth of the beard. If you have dormant androgen receptors, supplements can go a long way in sensitizing them to promote the growth of hair. However, you need to consult your doctor before you start using the supplements to avoid the chances of experiencing side effects.

Beard Growth Vitamins Supplement for Men

Eat Healthy Diet

There is a strong correlation between beard growth and eating a healthy diet. Nutrition is a critical component when it comes to boosting the hormones that can convert your vellus hair into thick beards. There are different types of foods that you should include in your diet like leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Include sufficient proteins in your diet if you want to witness a healthy growth of thin hairs. On top of that, you should exercise regularly.

Use A Derma Roller

A Derma Roller consists of a wheel that has tiny needles and you can roll in around your face to puncture small holes. The device stimulates the circulation of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles to promote the growth of peach fuzz. The wounds are harmless, and the tool can help increase the production of keratin and collagen.

Be Patient

Facial hair starts growing during puberty among different men, but some people only witness full growth in their 20s or 30s. Therefore, you need to be patient to see if you can grow a full beard naturally. However, if you are beyond a certain age and you are getting frustrated with the presence of thin vellus hair, you can try any of the methods highlighted above.

How To Turn Peach Fuzz Into Beard - Be Patient

Vellus Hair To Terminal Hair Beard Conclusion

If you are wondering about the sprouting vellus hair or peach fuzz beard on your face, you do not need to panic. All young people experience peach fuzz consisting of non-pigmented and thin hair that seem not to grow into thicker and fuller facial hair. Many guys with vellus hair aspire to develop them into a full beard. The internet is awash with information about how to grow facial hair, and not everything you see gives you the expected results. Hopefully, this post has addressed some of your concerns about how to turn fuzz into a beard. There are basics that you need to understand to be able to grow a beard. You can leave your comments below.