Light Stubble VS Heavy Stubble

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Shaving is an important component of the grooming routine by different people. There are different styles that suit the needs of various people including stubble. There are different forms of stubble that include light and heavy stubble. To choose the right style that suits your needs, you should know the key characteristics of light stubble vs heavy stubble. Read on to learn how these styles differ.

What is Heavy Stubble?

If you do not trim, groom, or maintain your heavy stubble, it will look untidy. The major feature of the heavy stubble is that it is the longest among all stubble beard styles with a length of about 4-5 mm (1/8 inch). This beard style is also commonly called the 10-day beard given that you will need 10 days to grow the amount of beard to shave the heavy stubble style.

What is Heavy Stubble

If you have patchy cheeks, then the heavy stubble is your perfect fit.  With this style, you do not need hair on the cheeks. The thick stubble should be around the chin and the mustache areas. The style is ideal for men with weak chins together with round faces. When your face is round, a heavy style goatee can help to elongate it. The other important aspect of heavy stubble is that you can wear it together with other hair or bear styles. For instance, goatee, mustache styles all go together perfectly well with this style.

How to Maintain Heavy Stubble?

You need to keep your stubble in good looking condition and not accidental. You can use the following tips to maintain your stubble:

  • Trim and shape it frequently
  • Shave your neckline every day in the morning
  • Use beard oil on heavy stubble

If you have patchy heavy stubble, you need to select your style wisely. If the beard on the chin and mustache do not connect, then trim the disconnected goatee. You should brush your beard using a boar bristle beard brush to straighten stray stubble beard. Always keep your bear clean.

Beard Brush – Pure Boar Bristles

What is Light Stubble?

For men who want to show a subtle effect of a beard, light stubble is an excellent option. Light stubble is approximately 1-2 mm in contrast to the heavy stubble. Light stubble is usually for people who want to keep pace with trends while maintaining their confidence even if they forget to shave. This type of style is also referred to as the one day beard.

The other notable aspect of light stubble is that it is quite difficult to maintain. You need to frequently trim the stubble because it will be easily noticeable if the hair becomes overgrown. If you fail to maintain your stubble, it will appear as if you are trying to grow a full beard with little success. This is not your aim of grooming this type of style. When you have a round face, then you can consider light stubble. It also works well with faces with heart shapes and a thinner chin and brow. If you maintain the stubble well, you will be forever happy about your appearance.

How to Maintain Light Stubble

You need to use the right stubble trimmer and set it slightly longer trimming your beard during the first days and you will gradually trim it down in reduced increments. You should ultimately trim clean up the area under the neck up to the jawline.

Light Stubble Vs Heavy Stubble: How To Choose

Now that you know the difference between light stubble and heavy stubble, the onus is yours to choose one. As a recap of the main factors discussed, this section summarizes the main characteristics that distinguish these two styles. Heavy stubble adds more masculinity edge than light stubble and this is one of the most benefits of heavy stubble. on the other hand, heavy stubble is suitable for men who are not willing to commit themselves to serious maintenance of a full beard.

How To Choose

On the other hand, the light stubble takes only one day to grow and it requires constant maintenance. While heavy stubble is one of the most attractive facial hairstyle desired by different guys, light stubble requires constant attention. However, both these styles share a common theme about men who do not want a full beard. They prefer stubbles because they are easy to maintain.


Stubble beard styles are generally meant for guys who are not interested in wearing a full beard. Heavy stubble is easy to maintain and it is stylish. On the other hand, light stubble requires constant maintenance. There are different factors that you need to consider when choosing light stubble vs heavy stubble. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post. You can leave your comments below.