How To Grow Mutton Chop Side Burns

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Certain beard styles remain popular, and they suit different people like mutton chop side burns. For instance, sideburn hair is fun, and it can make you stand out from the rest. You should know that there are several chop beard styles you can consider. There are different measures you can take to trim your mutton chop sideburns. Read on to learn various things about this seemingly cool beard style.

Origin Of Sideburns

Sideburn hair has been in existence since around 100BC. However, sideburns were named after Ambrose Burnside who was a businessman, politician, and Union Army General in the 19th Century. This general sported a funny facial hairstyle consisting of “mutton chop sideburns” that were connected to the mustache. Burnside kept his chin clean-shaven, and this was a unique beard style that made him stand out from the rest. He was an extremely poor general, but his unique whiskers popularized a new beard trend.

Around the 1880s, the facial hairstyle was named “burnsides” after the General. Throughout the 19th century, the hairstyle’s popularity grew among both civilians and military men. Other people began to call the facial hair style “sideburns” and this was a small shift from “burnsides” although they meant the same thing. Other names for mutton chop sideburns like “side hair” and “sideboards” later emerged. To date, this facial hairstyle has several names. You can choose any name that makes sense or interests you. More importantly, the style works perfectly well for modern men.

Benefits Of Sideburns

Growing sideburns offers several benefits such as giving you a masculine look. The style is not difficult to maintain, and it is also easy to trim or shave. Mutton chops are versatile, and you can style them the way you want. Additionally, the mutton chop style is unique in that it gives you a different look. It also attracts women and makes you stand out from the rest.

How To Grow Mutton Chop Side Burns

You should know that different types of side-burn beard styles suit various people. Therefore, the first step is to choose an appropriate beard style. When choosing a style, you need to consider the shape of your face and the length of the hair. This style is very popular since you can leave the sideburns to stand alone, or you can combine them with other beard or mustache styles of your choice. If you want to make a statement about yourself, you will not encounter any problem if you choose this style. You can also switch different styles to make a completely new appearance if you want.

Leave Your Hair to Grow

The most important rule you should remember when you choose this style is that you must leave your sideburns to grow long and full. When you are satisfied with the length of your facial hair, you can cut the sides. If you want a style with longer hair, then you should be patient and leave the hair to grow. The density of your hair determines the success of your preferred mutton style.

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mutton chop side burns

You must leave your hair to grow simultaneously on both sides. Make sure there is a connection between your beard and your mustache. You can wear your preferred style with a mustache if you want.

Create Your Mutton Chops

When your facial hair is uniform, you can create your chops. Make sure your neck and chin are clean-shaven regardless of the length of your mutton chops. You must use a razor to shave your neck and chin. A razor gives you accuracy and precision so that you do not make mistakes that can spoil your style. First, consider the shape of your face to define the style. Make sure there is no hair on your face apart from the connection between the sideburns and mustache.

When you have created your chops, the next step is to trim your facial hair. You need an appropriate trimmer to remove all unwanted hairs. Maintaining your style is easy, but you need to be attentive. Frequent trimming is essential to keep your cut in good form. You may need to shave your hair every day to keep the chin and neckline clean-shaven. Apart from trimming and shaving, you also need to perform the following maintenance routines of your facial hair.

Practice Regular Maintenance

To keep your facial hair sideburns neat and attractive, you must exercise regular maintenance. You need a lot of grooming to keep your side-burn hair looking good. After shaping your desired style, you should know that this is not the end since there are many things you should do. Make sure you wash your hair every day, especially in the morning. You can use any type of soap to wash your beard. Avoid solutions with too many chemicals since they can strip natural oils from your beard.

Practice Regular Maintenance

After cleaning your hair, you should apply the best beard oil of your choice. Beard oil helps to moisturize your beard and hydrate the skin underneath to maintain it in good health. There are several types of beard oils available on the market. When choosing an oil, make sure you get something with natural ingredients to avoid issues like irritation. Skin dryness and irritation are often caused by chemicals and other natural ingredients that are not suitable for sensitive skin. Use a brush or comb to tame your side hair as well as spread the oil across the board. You can also apply the beard wax of your choice to hold your hair in position.

Conclusion – Mutton Chop Side Burns

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about mutton chop sideburns. You can choose a perfect mutton chop style that suits your needs and carefully shape it. Make sure you have the right tools to use when you shape your side hair. Apply appropriate beard care products to maintain your style in good shape. Remember daily grooming is critical if you want to keep your sideburns attractive. You can leave your comments below and share the article if you want.