How To Grow Neckbeard Vs Full Beard

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Traditionally, neckbeard used to be associated with negative connotations, but today, it is one of the most popular beard styles. Many beard enthusiasts view a full beard as a symbol of masculinity, but neckbeard is in its style among different people. There are different things that you should know if you want to groom any of the beard styles. This article outlines everything that you may want to know about neckbeard vs full beard.

Know The Difference: Neckbeard Vs Full Beard

A full neckbeard consists of a beard that is intentionally left on the neck alone. In other words, you should shave all the areas above the jawline and leaving hair on the neck. Normally, people would shave the hair on the neck to maintain a traditional beard. However, in the case of neckbeard, beard enthusiasts will leave hair where it is supposed to be shaved. This particular style will certainly separate from other guys who are used to wear common beard styles like goats and others.

A full beard on the other hand consists of mustache, beard, and whiskers. These hairs grow simultaneously to cover your chin, neck, and cheeks. This beard style is ideal for any shape of the face, and it impressively symbolizes masculinity. This is the king of beards, and it requires little shaping.

How To Grow And Trim A Neckbeard


This style requires discipline together with a unique personality since it makes you stand out from the rest. With this style, you leave the rest of the face hairless. You can leave the neck hair wild, or you can trim it. You can consider the following steps to grow a neckbeard.

  • Leave your hair to grow, and this stage can take you up to four weeks. You need to be patient since this stage determines the likely outcome of your style.
  • You should exercise proper grooming practices like washing your hair regularly and applying beard oil to soften it. Other beard care products like balm and wax help nourish the skin underneath to prevent issues like itching and promote good skin health. You also need to comb and brush your hair to tame it so that it grows in the desired direction.
  • Since this is a unique beard style, you need to outline the shape of a neck head before you trim the hair. Random trimming can affect the outcome, so you need to be extremely careful. More importantly, invest in a good trimmer if you want the best results

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When trimming your neckline, you should consider just a few simple steps.

  • You must first wash your beard to remove debris and loose hair. Use a towel to dry the hair before you start trimming it.
  • Apply the right shaving cream and trim the jawline that will separate the neckbeard from the rest of the face
  • First, shave your cheeks up to the trim line but avoid trimming the chin.

The basic measure to maintaining your neckbeard is to ensure that you keep it clean always. You should use beard oil or balm to moisten your face to make it easy to manage. Combing your beard also helps to tame it to grow in your desired direction.

Growing A Full Beard

There are a few steps that you should take to grow a full beard that includes the following:

  • Leave your beard to grow for a few weeks or months
  • Cut back stray hairs while your facial hair is growing
  • When you have achieved full growth, take your trimmer to even up your beard.
  • Shape your beard the way you want. Define your neckline and cheek line.
Growing A Full Beard

To maintain your full beard, you should always use the right tools that include a comb and an electric trimmer. Keep your hair free of dirt or any other unwanted debris. Apply beard oil after showering to soften your hair. Beard oil also makes your full beard easy to manage, and it offers a beautiful shine.

Beard Vs Neckbeard Conclusion

There are different steps that you can take to grow different styles of facial hair. As the name suggests, a neckbeard refers to the hair that is only found on the neck. In most cases, many people shave the hair on the neck, but this style is the opposite. On the other hand, a full beard consists of a thicker and fuller beard on your face. You need to take specific steps to groom and maintain each of these beard styles. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post concerning neckbeard vs full beard. You can leave your comments below.