How To Trim A Ducktail Beard

Last Updated on September 10, 2021 by Cristina

Many people grow beards for various purposes like expressing their masculinity, personality, and others.  The ducktail beard is one reputable style that is sophisticated than its title that derives from the pointed chin part. The name comes from the shape of facial hair that resembles the tail of a duck. There are different types of ducktail beard styles that combine masculinity and professionalism. Grooming this type of beard style requires effort and skill. Read on to learn how to trim a ducktail beard.

How To Grow A Ducktail Beard

The secret behind growing a ducktail is to let the hair on your chin grow longer while trimming the sides. Facial grows about ½ an inch every month, and a good size for a ducktail will be about two to four inches. This means you will need about four months to grow a full-face style. You should be patient when you decide to grow this beard style. You can start to sculpt the hair when it reaches full length. You can also consider other beard care products with properties that can enhance hair growth.

How To Trim A Ducktail Beard?

The ducktail is full facial hair that is shaped in a way to make it look like the tail of a duck. The chin part is extended and pointed while the sides are short. The jawline is carefully sculpted to connect with the chin. The mustache is maintained clean and trimmed. You should have a thick beard if you want to sculpt an attractive style.

Another important aspect of a ducktail beard is that it suits people with oval and diamond-shaped faces. However, this style can suit any shape of the face depending on the thickness of the hair. It might not be possible to shape thin hair. When you are still a beginner, it is a good idea to visit your barber to sculpt a good-looking beard style. A ducktail beard requires effort to sculpt and high maintenance. However, if you are confident about your trimming skills, you need the following tools.

  • High-quality beard trimmer
  • Beard comb
  • Beard scissor
  • Beard brush
  • Mirror

If you have a curly beard, you may also need a beard straightener. Regular beard trimming on the sides is essential to keep your style looking attractive. Keep the cheeks clean, and remember to shape the bottom into a nice taper.

Steps To Trim Ducktail Beard Style

When you get the appropriate tools to use, make sure you have a steady hand and take your time to sculpt the hair. You should take the following steps to trim your hair.

Steps To Trim Ducktail Beard Style

Step 1: Carve A Rough Shape

Carving a rough ducktail beard style is probably the most challenging step. However, once you master it, the rest of the steps will be easier. Use a trimmer without a guard comb and begin to shape your style. Use a mirror and make sure you sketch a rough shape you will perfect. First cut a pointed shape of ducktail beard that is about 4 inches long.

Step 2: Shorten The Sides And Clean The Edges

When you have a rough ducktail shape in place, the next step is to use your beard brush to brush the hair outward. This will help you to see the pointed part. Use your trimmer to shape your beard. Shape the sides and leave a sharp edge where the jawline and the meet. You also need to use your beard comb to straighten your hair to identify flyaway hairs.

Step 3: Shave Your Neckline And Cheeks

If you want a clearer ducktail beard, shave your neckline and shorten the sides. Do it slowly to avoid mistakes that can ruin your beard style when you are almost done. Create an attractive neckline and a clean line on the top part of your cheeks. You must trim your cheeks at least once every week to keep your hair attractive.

Step 4: Maintain The Shape

When you follow these simple steps above, you have a ducktail beard style. You should remember to use an appropriate trimmer and scissors to maintain the edges of your facial hair. You should constantly straighten your facial hair to keep it in good shape. The following are some of the measures you should consider to maintain your hair.

Aberlite FlexShaper – The Ultimate Neckline Beard Shaping Template

How To Maintain A Ducktail Beard Style?

The measures you take to maintain your beard style apply to different facial hairstyles. Beard oil is a crucial component that you must have in your grooming kit. You must get a bottle of good quality beard oil that you will use to soften your hair. There are different types of beard oils available on the market. Make sure you choose beard oil with natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation. Other oils have nutrients that can enhance the growth of hair. These beard oils can go a long way in helping you achieve the healthy growth of beards.

When you apply beard oil, make sure it reaches the hair follicles and the skin underneath. You must keep the skin hydrated to avoid dryness. Additionally, you must make sure you apply strong beard wax to hold your ducktail beard. Beard wax also helps to control your hair. To achieve this, you must choose the best beard wax. You also need to get a beard brush and comb you can use to tame your ducktail. These tools also play a role in spreading beard care products across the hair and exfoliate the skin.


A ducktail beard style is sophisticated, and it significantly improves your masculinity. The style is hard to trim, and it requires some effort to maintain. However, a ducktail beard style is one of the best styles you can try. Growing this style can be frustrating since it takes time. Various people have different growth rates of beard, and this can impact their desired style. Therefore, it is vital to be patient if you want to achieve your desired goals. We hope you have learned how to trim a ducktail beard. You can leave your comments below.