How To Dye Your Beard Grey – The Easiest Way

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Beard grooming is an awesome experience among different males but signs of graying hair can be a cause for concern. Indeed, when age catches up with you, it is irreversible but some men are not ready to face it. To conceal the patches of graying hair, you can consider dyeing the entire beard grey. In some cases, you may dye your beard simply to change your look. In this article, we outline the steps that you can take to learn how to dye your beard grey.

Choose The Right Gray Beard Dye

The first thing that you should consider is to choose the right dye. In this case, you want to dye your entire beard gray so you should choose the right coloring but this can be tricky.

Essentially, when you choose a gray beard dye, you should make it subtle so that it may not be easily noticeable that you have dyed your facial hair. The other thing that you should consider is to choose between permanent and temporary beard dye. A permanent dye can last longer so that you can save money in the long run while temporary dye washes off easily.

But if you are looking to eliminate gray hair from your beard, you should try this permanent dye by Just for Men. To just get rid of the gray patches and have a more uniform appearance try this Touch of Gray permanent dye.

For all-white or completely gray look, you will need to bleach your beard regularly and this can cause skin irritation and damage your facial hair.

If you prefer temporary gray beard dye, check this Hair Color Wax, the consistency is thick, so be careful not to apply too much product.

Check this video if you want to brighten your gray beard with a very simple recipe.

Prepare Your Dye

When you get the right dye for your beard, the next step is to apply it to your beard but before you do that, you should prepare the dye and your face.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools required when you apply beard dye and these include the following: paper towels, applicator, rubber gloves, tint remover as well as Vaseline.

Prepare Your Dye

When you are applying the dye for the first time, you should do a sensitive test (patch test). Mix the dye and apply it behind your ear or on your inner elbow and leave it for about 24 hours then wash it off. Check out for inflammation or redness so that you can change the dye if it is not good for you.

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How To Dye Your Beard Grey

When you are satisfied that the dye will work well for you, it is now time to apply it to your beard. You can choose to wash your beard first since this helps to remove dead skin cells. Alternatively, you may not need to wash your facial hair so that it can retain its natural oils.

You should apply some Vaseline on the skin around the beard to prevent it from staining your skin. Always wear protective gloves when you apply dye so that it does not stain your hands.

Using a brush, deeply apply the dye across your beard in an up and down motion. You should make sure that all patches are covered and wait to check the results.

How To Dye Your Beard Grey

You should start light and increase the color gradually. When you are satisfied with the results, the job is done. Use lukewarm water to rinse excessive dye and dry your beard with a towel. However, you need to maintain your beard after applying the dye.

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There are different steps that you should if you want to learn how to dye your beard grey. Graying your beard helps to give you a new look and you can follow the steps below:

  • Choose the right dye
  • Prepare your face
  • Mix the dye solution
  • Apply the dye
  • Rinse and dry

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How To Remove Beard Dye From Skin?

While beard dye is increasingly getting popularity among different users, the main challenge that you can encounter is that it can leave stains on your skin. These are usually difficult to remove. However, there are different methods that you can use to remove the beard dye from your skin. There are several products that you can use that include the following:  alcohol, nail polish remover, dishwashing soap, regular soap, toothpaste, and baking soda. You can soak a cotton ball in any of these solutions then gently rub on the stained area. You should try to remove the dye from your skin sooner than delay since it quickly dries. Other products like alcohol can be harsh on your face.  

How To Dye a Beard Without Staining Skin?

Dying a short beard or stubble can be challenging since you risk staining your skin. Beard dye stains are difficult to remove once they solidify on your skin. Therefore, it is a good idea to be careful when dying your beard so that you can cause minimal staining or prevent it altogether. Make sure you use a precise applicator like a small brush when applying dye to your facial hair. You must also apply Vaseline to the skin around your stubble so that it will help prevent leaking dye from getting into contact with your skin directly. You can easily wipe off the stained Vaseline when you are done. You must also use latex gloves and make sure you have wipes ready to quickly remove the dye from your skin.   

How Do I Stop My Beard From Greying? 

Graying of hair when you are still below 30 years can be embarrassing since your age may be young for that phase. Premature graying of hair can be caused by a lack of melanin, vitamin deficiency, poor diet excessive consumption of alcohol, and stress. If the problem is hereditary, then there is nothing you can do to stop the graying of the beard. The remedies for premature white beard include a mixture of Coconut Oil and Amla that you boil for three minutes and take the solution when it is cool. You can also use Aloe Vera gel, curry leaves, and buttermilk, foods rich in iron and minerals. You can improve your overall diet if you want to reverse the effects of graying on your beard.  

Are Gray Beards Attractive? 

The answer to this question depends on personal preference, age, and occasion. Other individuals, especially those who belong to the working class or senior persons feel comfortable sporting graybeards. Some even go to the extent of buying gray or white dye to change the color of their beard.

Can B12 Reverse Gray Hair?

Foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 can play a significant role in preventing the graying of hair. Alternatively, you can also consider Vitamin B supplements if you feel that you are not getting enough to prevent a white beard. You must also ensure that your diet is rich in copper, zinc, and iron since they are very important in preventing your hair from graying. Other products to include in your diet are dairy produce, fish, and fruits since they provide much-needed nutrition to keep your hair black and healthy.