What You Should Know About Van Dyke Vs Goatee

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There are different types of beard styles that can be worn by different males. Among these styles, a goatee and a Van Dyke are among the popular and often viewed as more professional. However, many people often confuse the two beard styles. Read on to learn what you should know about van dyke vs goatee.

Know The Difference: Van Dyke Vs Goatee

A beard style with hair on the chin only is referred to as a goatee. With this style, there are no connecting hairs that lead to the upper lip or sideburns. This term derives from the long hair that grows on the chin of a goat. This beard does not include a mustache since it only consists of a patch of hair that grows on your chin. It is crucial to consider the absence of hair on the cheeks or mustache in your definition of a goatee.

On the other hand, the Van Dyke style incorporates the goatee but it consists of a disconnected mustache. This style does not consist of hair on the cheeks which means that it cannot be classified as a full beard. These styles are closely related but they are different upon close analysis. In short a Van Dyke is a form of a goatee style with the following features:

  • Curley mustache into a handlebar
  • Chin beard and mustache are disconnected
  • Chin beard can be sculpted into something anchor-like shape

A goatee consists of a patch of hair on the chin and nothing else. This style does not include sideburns or mustache.

Which One To Choose: Van Dyke Vs Goatee

There are different elements that you must consider when choosing a beard style between a goatee and van dyke. It is essential to consider the maintenance requirements of the style that are mainly based on the length of the facial hair. Both styles work with longer and shorter hair or stubble. On the other hand, the van dyke style is complex and you need to keep it in check. For instance, the curly mustache may require the use of products like waxes, pomades, and balms to keep it in place. A goatee is just a patch of beard on your chin and not very complicated to maintain. Even a goatee with stubble is easy to maintain since it is pretty straightforward.

Which One To Choose - Van Dyke Vs Goatee


If you have patchy hair that does not cover all areas around your face, you can consider either a goatee or a van dyke beard style. If your chin beard and mustache do not connect, any of these styles can be a perfect choice. A disconnected goatee can be your ideal style if you have a patchy beard.


A goatee beard style is versatile and you can wear it on different occasions. A full goatee is so common and flexible that you can wear it anywhere and it will still look attractive. On the other hand, a van dyke beard style appears sophisticated and stylish. It suits formal events and other related occasions. When you are not sure about the style to choose between the two, a standard goatee can be the best bet for you. However, your ultimate choice between van dyke and goatee styles is a matter of personal experience.

What To Consider When Choosing A Beard Style

There are different things that you should consider if you want to choose between a goatee or Van Dyke style. The shape of your face can play a pivotal role in determining the ideal style that you can choose. You also need to take into account the growth patterns of your facial to choose the appropriate style. If you have patchy hair, a van dyke style is good for you. The type of your chin can also determine the style that you can choose. A longer goatee can help to elongate your chin if it is weak. A goatee can also provide extra definition to the jawline if you do not have a full beard.

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While there are different types of beard styles, people often confuse a goatee and van dyke. Some individuals also think that the beard styles are similar. A goatee consists of a beard on your chin only whereas a van dyke style consists of hair on the chin and a disconnected mustache. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article about what you should know about van dyke vs goatee. Choosing a beard style is a matter of personal preference. You can leave your comments below.