How To Make Stubble Softer

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A stubble usually consists of a short, rough, and prickly beard. Some men keep stubble to portray masculinity whereas others want to show a rough persona. However, stubble can ruin your romantic life due to its coarseness and roughness that can cause discomfort to the ladies. The good thing is that there are different measures that you can take to make stubble soft. Read on to learn how to make stubble softer.

Reasons Why Stubble Is Sharp And Often Rough

Before you try to soften your stubble, you must know the reasons why it feels sharp and rough in the first place. Shorter hairs have uneven edges that are sharp and they normally feel abrasive against your palms. Your partner will also feel the same sensation on their cheek and this can cause discomfort. Generally speaking, shorter stubble feels harsher and dry. The skin underneath can also be dry.

How To Make Stubble Softer

Now you understand the reasons which stubble feels dry, harsher, and sharp. It is important to learn some tips and tricks that can help soften your stubble. Most of the tips relate to beard grooming habits that not only make your stubble soft, but attractive. The following are some of the measures that you can consider to soften your stubble.

Wash Your Beard

No matter how short your facial hair is, it is essential to wash it regularly using mild and moisturizing beard wash. Beard wash hydrates the underlying skin and the hair shafts while at the same time removing dead skin cells. Unclogging the pores through the removal of dirt, oil, and cells makes the skin softer. Pollutants can cause your hair to break and become prickly. This is less likely to happen if your hair is regularly washed and conditioned. Washing also helps to separate sticking stubble hairs thereby making the texture smoother and softer. However, try to use the right facial products that do not irritate your skin.

 Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is an indispensable component in your grooming kit. After washing your stubble, you should apply beard oil which is designed to soften your hair and give it a beautiful shine. Beard oil contains essential oils that include jojoba oil and argan oil. These oils help to smooth the sharp edges of the stubble thereby making it less abrasive.

As a rule of thumb, you must always brush your beard after applying beard oil. Brushing helps to distribute the oil evenly and also separates the stubble hairs that are clumped together. This makes the stubble looks less patchy and smooth. Brushing will also train your beard to grow in a specific direction. A brush with boar bristles helps to exfoliate the skin underneath to rid it of dead cells. It also stimulates the hair follicles to promote the flow of blood and better skin health.

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Beard is also designed to stay on the skin and hair for a longer period. This helps to maintain the health of your stubble while at the same time nourishing and hydrating the skin underneath. You must apply beard oil on dry hair and massage it gently in a circular motion. Beard oil can significantly transform your stubble and makes it look and feel great. Additionally, beard oil provides a beautiful scent.

Grow The Stubble Longer

Shorter hairs are more prickly, so you can grow your stubble a little bit longer to make it soft. A medium to heavy stubble can be a quick solution to the issue of harsh and dry stubble. As the hairs grow longer, the edges will even out. Additionally, it becomes easier to apply grooming products like beard oil on a longer stubble.

Stubble Softening Pads

Stubble softening pads are still new but they can go a long way in softening your short hair. You need to check if these pads are available in your local retail stores. If you are lucky to get the softening pad, it is easy to use. All you need to do is to rub it over your stubble hairs and it softens the sharp edges. It consists of relatively soft material and it is also affordable.

Stubble Softening Pads


A perfect stubble can significantly improve your appearance and also boosts your masculinity. However, the major challenge with shorter hair is that it feels prickly, dry, and harsher which can cause discomfort on your partner. In this post, we have outlined how to make stubble softer and we are hopeful that you have enjoyed reading it. You can leave your comments below.