How To Clean Boars Hair brush

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Brushing your beard is a critical component of the beard grooming routine. A beard brush gives a nice massage to your face and it also helps increase blood circulation to promote hair growth. Additionally, a brush evenly distributes natural oils throughout your hair and it also trains your beard, and it removes debris from your beard. When you want to pick a beard brush, a boar’s hair brush is considered the best. Likewise, you must keep your brush clean to prevent the buildup of oils and other particles that can stick to your hair when you use it again. You must regularly clean your brush to avoid such a situation. Read on to learn how to clean boars hairbrush.

How to Clean Boar Hair Brush

Cleaning your boar’s hairbrush can seem like a daunting task, but it should not be when you know how to do it. This tutorial outlines a few simple steps that you should follow when cleaning your brush after use. Cleaning your brush helps remove hair and other unwanted debris.

How to Clean Boar Hair Brush

What You Will Need – How to Clean Boars Hair Brush

You need the following items to clean your boar bristle brush:

  • A regular beard comb
  • Liquid shampoo or any natural wash
  • Warm or cold water
  • A container that fits your brush
  • A towel

As you can see, these are just ordinary items that you can use to clean your brush. No special tool or product required to perform this task.

1. Comb the Hair and Remove Excess Sebum from the Boar Brush

The first step is to remove hair and excess sebum from the brush using a regular toothed-beard comb. You must start from the edges and make sure that you insert the comb to reach the roots of the bristles. Gently pull the comb up to loosen the hair and other particles that may be stuck in the bristles.

Repeat this step from all edges of the brush and drag the comb through the bristles to pull off the hair from the brush. Keep doing this process until you pull out most or all of the sebum and loose hair from the brush. You should constantly check for areas that need careful attention to ensure that the brush is free of any physical particles.

2. Prepare the Brush Cleaning Solution

The next step is to add a few drops of shampoo or liquid soap to a container with warm water. Warm water is ideal for cleaning your brush since it can do a better job in removing oils than cold water. When the solution is ready, soak the brush for about ten minutes and avoid submerging the handle. You can swish the brush in warm water to remove all the small particles. Wipe off the water that gets to the handle and put the brush in the water solution again for about 10 minutes. Just let it sit in the water with the bristles only submerged and do not touch it.

3. Rinse Your Boar Hair Brush

After ten minutes, take off the brush from the soapy water and rinse it. Empty the container and fill it with clean cold water. This time around, swish the brush in the water while at the same time avoiding submerging the wooden handle. Rinse the bristles until you are satisfied that they are clean.

4. Let the Boar Brush Dry

When the brush is clean, take it out of the water and run your fingers across the bristles to remove excess water. Wipe any water on the wooden handle and place the brush on its side on the towel. Leave it to dry completely and this can take several hours so you must be patient. A damp brush can attract mold, so you must allow it to air dry before you pack it in your drawer or bag.

Tips and Tricks to Clean a Boar Bristle Brush

If your brush consists of a wooden handle, make sure that it does not submerge in water to avoid weakening it. If wood gets wet, it will take time to dry and it can break if you use it continuously in its wet condition. Therefore, keeping the handle is a safety precaution that you should always take when cleaning the boar’s bristle brush.

If you do not feel comfortable with immersing your brush in water, you can add some shampoo and water to a spray bottle. Mix the contents thoroughly and spray on the brush bristles. Use a toothbrush to scrub the bristles to get rid of any dirt and unwanted particles. Repeat the process until the brush is clean.

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If your brush has a plastic handle, cleaning it would be much easier since you can submerge the entire component in water. Swish the brush in soapy water until you get all the dirt off the bristles. Rinse the brush with clean running water to get rid of any remaining soapy particles. The good thing about a plastic handle is that it is compact and not easily affected by water.

You may realize that your boar’s brush might produce some smell after washing, but this should not worry you. The smell will gradually disappear after about a month of continued use and washing. Just make sure that it dries completely before you use it. Alternatively, baking soda can help absorb moisture if you want your brush to dry quickly.

Conclusion on How to Clean Boars Hair Brush

A boar’s hair brush plays a pivotal role in helping distribute natural oils from the skin evenly across the beards. a brush also stimulates your hair follicles to promote the circulation of blood which is good for the growth of your facial hair. However, your brush needs regular cleaning to keep it free from broken hair and other unwanted particles. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your brush clean and prevent spoiling your hair when you use it again. We hope you have enjoyed reading our tutorial about how to clean boars’ hairbrush. You can leave your comments below and share the article if it has added value to your grooming knowledge.