How To Reduce Side Effects Of Finasteride

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Wondering how you can address the problem of baldness or hair loss? Finasteride is one of the most popular drugs that can help treat the problem of hair loss. However, like any other medication, finasteride is believed to cause some side effects that you should. Though effective as more than 98.6% have not experienced side effects during clinical trials, you need to know some of the likely effects of this drug. Read on to learn how to reduce the side effects of finasteride.

How Does Finasteride Work?

Finasteride is an oral tablet that you should take once per day and it is very effective in treating the problem of hair loss or male pattern baldness. Nearly 99% of men have benefited from using this treatment to reverse the effects of hereditary hair loss. When you take Finasteride, it helps decrease the amount of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your body. A decrease in this hormone means that your prostate cancer will not grow bigger and leads to reduced hair loss while at the same time promoting hair growth. Since Finasteride intervenes in a hormonal process, there are like to be side effects that are highlighted below.

How Does Finasteride Work

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Finasteride?

Like other drugs, the potential side effects of the medication include sexual challenges like low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, skin rash, increase in the size of breasts, and tenderness. Other serious side effects can include depression, swelling of face, tongue, and throat. You can also experience dizziness and in some cases weakness in your body.

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How To Reduce Finasteride Side Effects?

Finasteride has undergone extensive clinical trials and has been approved to be safe. However, like any other medication, the chances of causing side effects cannot be underestimated. To reduce some of the potential side effects mentioned above, you can take the following measures.

Reduce The Dose

If you reduce the dosage, the side effects of finasteride can decline. However, you need to talk to your doctor first. The doctor can prescribe you another different pill with lower strength or they may tell you to reduce the intake of the pill. You will still get the same benefits of reversing the effects of hair loss when you take a less powerful drug.

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Stop Taking Finasteride

Many people are worried if they can continue taking the medication when they experience some side effects. The truth of the matter is simple though you might not want to hear it. Do not take the treatment if you experience severe side effects. On the other hand, the sexual desire side effects can gradually go away over time even if you do not stop taking Finasteride. You can experience low libido during the first year and they will decline over two or four years. Patience may be the cure for you if you can wait.

Use Erectile Dysfunction Medication

If the side effects of erectile dysfunction persist, you can try medication that is specifically designed for that particular purpose. There are different types of erectile dysfunction medications that include Tadalafil, and Levitra that can help you maintain a strong erection.

Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle

Research shows that a healthy lifestyle characterized by eating a balanced diet can significantly improve your overall health. A poor diet can lead to poor sexual health and performance. You also need to exercise regularly to improve the flow of blood which boosts your libido. Therefore, you must include different types of healthy foods in your diet and you should also include liquids with high mineral content.

You can also reduce the side effects of Finasteride by changing your lifestyle. You can achieve this by cutting back on your level of alcohol consumption and also consider quitting smoking. Smoking is not only bad for your sexual health but your overall wellbeing.

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Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle


As you can see, Finasteride is among the few treatments for hair loss and the good thing is that its side effects like other products are uncommon. Finasteride is an oral tablet that you should take once a day and it helps prevent hair loss. Its major side effects are sexual in nature and they include ejaculation problems, low sexual drive, and tenderness of breasts among others. There are different steps that you should take to understand how to reduce the side effects of finasteride. It is crucial to stop taking treatment when you notice some side effects. You must visit the doctor immediately and avoid taking large dosages.

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