The Best Way To Trim Nose Hair

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We all have nose hair and it helps to prevent dust and other unwanted particles from entering the nasal system to improve the quality of the air we breathe. However, nose hair can get out of hand and it becomes unsightly and embarrassing. The good news is that you can trim the hair to suit your needs. Read on to learn the best way to trim nose hair.

Choose the Right Trimmer

The first thing that you should do is to choose the right tool that you can use to cut the hair in your nose. While there are a variety of tools for trimming nose hair that you can get on the market, nose hair trimmers are recommended. The reason for choosing nose hair trimmers is that other methods may not be safe.

When you choose a trimmer, you should make sure that it is electric though you can consider a manual one that includes a pair of specially designed scissors. The primary advantage of using a nose hair trimmer is that it allows you just to shorten protruding hairs whereas the majority of the hair remains intact. You should not remove all the hair in your nose to protect the airways.

Choose the Right Trimmer

Choosing the Best Way to Trim Nose Hair

Whether you are using a manual or electric trimmer, you should know that these tools are not very easy to use. Remember that you will be shaving the interior of the nose which is probably one of the most challenging things in your entire grooming routine. The following are some of the steps and tips that you can use to trim the hair in your nose.

  • Blow the Nose: you must blow the nose to remove any mucus on the hairs before you begin to trim them.
  • Stand Close to a Mirror: if you want to achieve your goal of trimming unwanted hairs inside your nose, you should use a magnifying mirror. A mirror helps you to see all the hairs clearly.
  • Lean your Head Back: when trimming your nose hair, you should lean your back so that you can increase the visibility of the interior of the nostrils. The other thing that you should do is to blow any loose hairs so that you can increase visibility.
  • Do not Place the Trimmer too Close to the Skin: the other important step you should take is to avoid cutting the hairs too close to the skin. The trimmer can puncture the sensitive membranes inside your nostrils. If possible, you can leave the rest of the hair intact and cut only the most visible stray hairs. You must focus on the thickest hair that you do not want.

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When you are done, you must blow your nose to ensure that it is clear of unwanted elements. When shaving your nose hair, you can use other methods that work best for you as long as you do not injure the delicate membranes.

What to Avoid

There are certain things that you should avoid when you trim nose hair that include the following:

  • Do not Use Hair Removal Cream: You should avoid hair removal creams since they can burn the mucous membranes and delicate skin inside the nostrils. You also risk breathing toxic fumes produced by the creams.
  • Waxing and Plucking: the major downside of these methods is that they can lead to infections or ingrown hairs. The nostrils consist of sensitive tissues that could be damaged especially when you use the plucking method.
  • Avoid using Sharp-Pointed Scissors: You should be cautious and avoid using a pair of scissors with sharp points when you trim your nose hair. The danger of a sharp object is that it can easily damage the sensitive mucous membranes which could lead to infection and pain. The tissue inside the membrane is delicate, so you should always try to be extra careful when you trim unwanted hair in your nose.

More importantly, you must avoid clearing all the hair in your nose since it prevents foreign elements from entering our nose.


The best way to trim nose hair involves the selection of the right tool to use for the task. Trimming is a relatively safer and inexpensive method of removing hair from the nose. You should make sure that you follow a few steps to trim the hair in your nose. However, you should remember that nose hairs serve crucial functions. We hope you have enjoyed this informative post. You can leave your comments below.