What Can You Use As Shaving Cream?

Shaving is an important component of your grooming routine and you can achieve the best results when you use the right products. For instance, shaving cream is the most popular product that is preferred by many people when they shave their beards. However, shaving cream may not be the best product for everyone. The good news though is that you can get a better alternative that can give you the best results when it comes to shaving. Read on to learn what can you use as shaving cream.

What Can You Use As Shaving Cream?

Baby Oil

You can find that baby oil can be a better shaving cream alternative if you experience cuts and nicks the moment you use it. Baby oil contains some properties that can help protect your face against irritation and it also leaves your face smooth. This product also acts as a shield and it leaves your face lubricated, but be careful in using too much oil, it can clog your facial pores.

What Can You Use As Shaving Cream - Baby Oil


Many people may not know it but soap can last longer than shaving cream. When you run out of shaving cream, you do not need to stress since you can grab a piece of soap which is always available in your bathroom. If you can get glycerin soap, then that would be perfect since it provides an easy glide to the razor. Soap also gives you a smooth and comfortable shave than you realize.

Facial Moisturizer

Facial moisturizer is a great shaving cream alternative since it consists of all the properties that are found in different shaving creams. It is easy to use and it also helps moisturize your skin to prevent irritation while shaving. It is not surprising that you will realize that facial moisturizers can give you a comfortable shave than shaving cream.

What Can You Use As Shaving Cream - Facial Moisturizer


The other alternative to cream is shampoo and its main benefit is that it greatly lathers your face for a close and comfortable shave. The shampoo also helps remove the pollutants that can be on your beard and skin underneath. Just apply a few drops of shampoo on your hands and wash your beard then shave.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner helps to soften the texture of your hair for easy shaving. You can try this product as a shaving cream substitute once and you will observe amazing benefits.

Shea Butter And Coconut Oil

Shea butter is a perfect moisturizer that helps reduce friction between the razor blade and the skin. This helps you get a closer, smoother, and comfortable shave. The butter nourishes your skin so there is no need of applying aftershave. On the other hand, coconut oil makes your skin soft and smooth for a perfect shave. The product leaves your skin hydrated. However, you need to be careful when you shave since the oil can be slippery which can lead to unwanted nicks and cuts.

Check this shaving gel with Aloe vera, Eucalyptus oil, and Vitamin E, it helps to avoid skin irritation and razor bumps.


Still, wondering about what can you use as shaving cream? As you have observed, there are different alternatives that you can use. However, you should know that these options may not be best for everyone. You should do your homework and choose the right alternative when you realize that shaving cream is not giving you the desired results.